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Saturday, 1 February 2014


Street cleaning in the Royal Borough is 5 Star: unlike the May Fair Hotel in Stratton Street....

Every so often a French exhibition company comes to London and uses one of the great hotels to hold their Art Deco exhibitions 
Their crude promotion of the event involves sticking thousands of  A5 leaflets under car windscreens throughout and beyond the Royal Borough. 
Clearing up the Royal Boroughs' streets after this deluge of litter is a major task.

Most hotels, like the Dorchester and Mandarin Oriental, were unaware of the antics of the organiser. 
However,when they found out their name was being used in this vulgar and anti-social way they either cancelled the event,(The Connaught) or sent teams to collect the rubbish off the thousands of cars targeted.

The major hotels have now banned the organiser so they have gone very down market and targeted third rate hotels: in this case the May Fair.

This is a an example of the A5 flyer

A concerned resident rang the May Fair, thinking they might be concerned about the image presented to residents....and, one assumes, customers.
Not a bit...the duty manager, an elegantly named Anthonypaul Attenborough said nonchalantly there was nothing that could be done, but they might send one man to pick up the thousands of leaflets! Oh yes, and he empathised with us
and would discuss with the General Manager on Monday! 
When asked whether he would cancel the event he said that was not possible. Obviously the thought of the thousands of pounds lost stopped that idea in its tracks!

When recommending hotels leave this socially irresponsible hotel off your list. The Dame sees that it is the target of rude comments in Trip Adviser so you will miss nothing!
The May Fair clearly don't give a damn about residents or hard working council street cleaning teams.
The billionaire owner of the hotel, Mr Jasminder Singh refuses to get involved.....
But, being inordinately proud and show off about his OBE, one would have assumed civic pride might have made him spend some of his fortune stopping his hotel customers littering the streets of the Royal Borough: after all, he loves being around the Royal Family!


  1. The Mayfair should be prosecuted. The leaflets are all over S.Ken

  2. Not very good for the reputation of the hotel to allow this

  3. Why didn't the May Fair organise for this trash to be collected: it's blowing everywhere.
    These Indian tycoons seem so selfish in the way they treat their employees and their neighbours

  4. Quite a few years ago I mentioned to ian Donadlson who was my Councillor about the huge amount of junk mail which is shoved through all of our letter boxes without our permission or consent. I suggested that RBK&C should pass a by-law prohibiting the wholesale distribution of mail without the recipients permission. Instead, I suggested that the courtesy magazines could have designated collection points so that those who wishes to have a
    copy of whatever could simply go to the nearest point and collect it. Ian said that if this were the case and that there was a bi-law in place it would mean that the Conservatives would have difficulty distribuitng its own mail! Well that says it all. On a more serious note it costs us all a lot of money for the Council to dispose of what is largely unwanted rubbish and from a personal point of view very harmful indeed to our environment and planet. Clearly it is time the council did something about this.

  5. Jasminder Singh is the guy trying to kick his parents out of their home or so it's alleged

  6. An open letter to the Dame! Sadly, clearly your efforts to reduce unwanted litter is falling on deaf ears as I see the Grosvenor House is at it now. I see that a number of these confounded leaflets are scattered around the Sloane Square area! I think this one is for Nick Paget-Brown.


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