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Monday, 24 February 2014


It looks like Heinz Schumi is whipping up a press storm. 
If he carries on in this way he will become the Standard Bearer in the movement to stop foreign investment companies wrecking Chelsea.
Never forget that ex Leader Cockell loved toadying up to the likes of the sinister Ritblats.... pere et fils.

Nothing gave Cockell more pleasure than secret meetings with the boss of Hutchison Whampoa.
He refused ever to disclose the contents of such meetings.

Heinz Schumi and Ian Henderson will need financial muscle to boot out Cockell and Warrick.
The Dame will be contributing to their election expenses and hopes all those keen to see the back of Pooter and Warrick will do the same.

A good piece in the The Standard today


  1. Every decent reader of the Dame should contribute - how do we do it?

    1. These public spirited residents deserve our support

  2. The Evening Standard prints more trash words from the Council about "all the good things we are doing". Councillors and the PR department need to wake up and understand that it is results that matter to residents - not empty words. Time for the likes of Cllr Coleridge to shit or get off the pot.

    1. Tim found the pot then?

  3. The Council says that it developing a policy "against basements". Sounds good until you look at the facts. 2000 basements already approved. Applications coming at the rate of 500 per year and 98% are being approved by Mr Bore and the ridiculous Cllr Warwick. The even more ridiculous Cllr Coleridge wrings his hands and says "this is a free market country". And residents and the media have been in uproar for half a decade....

    And the Council thinks it is doing something!!!!! Pass the sick bag Dame

    1. Tory Cllrs who suffer from basement expansions have been forbidden to speak out and rock the boat. The timid Cllr Husband has endured two years of hell from the "dig next door" and neighbours have had to vacate because their house cracked down the front and their staircase fell off the wall. Did Husband speak out? Of course not. Cllr Ahern is in the third year of a dig next door and the developer tried to double the size of the hole that was approved. Did Cllr Ahern speak out? Of course not. Venerable old Cllr Holt has a basement dig going on in his block of flats and the old dear is in a terrible tizzy. Does he speak out? Of course not.

      Three cheers for the free market. Lets celebrate Pay Day Loans. For goodness sake, Coleridge, wake up man.

    2. Poor Nick PB will be reaping the whirlwind set in train by his predecessor Cllr. Cockell. Right-minded Chelsea residents will surely get rid of him and Warrick - but Nick will be seen as the Leader who managed to lose two safe Tory seats. Life is so unfair!

    3. Well yes - but don't forget that Cockell managed to lose the safe Tory seat in Earl's Court as well as almost losing the safe Tory seat of Cremorne so his hands are not clean.

    4. The Council is, and always has been, two-faced.

      Basement developments are simply the latest example of a track record built on duplicity and misleading residents - say one thing, do another; claim total ignorance and innocence when found out. They behave like naughty schoolboys (at least one black mark against public schools there!)

      Basement developments will continue to happen. The Council's "efforts" are a smokescreen designed, at best, to simply hide the fact that the majority of Tory Councillors have absolutely no problem with unfettered digging everywhere. They have made that very clear with their comments in the Council chamber.

      Remember, the principal reason basement developments are even on the agenda is because of motions tabled by the opposition, and in particular that Labour group, not because our Tory Councillors suddenly acquired a sense of civic duty to residents, or even something approximating a conscience.


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