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Sunday, 16 February 2014


Every day, in weather... fine or foul, the Royal Borough's excellent street cleaning team is out there, braving the extremities of weather, to keep our streets clean.
So how must they feel when they have to pick up thousands of sodden A5 leaflets haphazardly posted on the windscreens on thousands of cars in the Borough?
A Paris based exhibitor has been sending out teams to illegally fly post thousands of leaflets advertising his silly Art Deco exhibition.
The Dorchester, Connaught and Mandarin Oriental, unwittingly the target of this idiot fly poster, have either cancelled the event or sent a team out to collect this litter.

Not so the Grosvenor House Hotel....owned by US Marriott Hotels and run by Arne Sorenson and Bill Marriott.
(The Dame will send them a link to this piece....)

Having seen the deluge of litter a resident contacted the duty manager, a Mr Sanford McDelling. 
He couldn't have given a damn about a client of this grubby hotel acting illegally and anti-socially. 

The Grosvenor House Hotel likes to boast about the fact it is a 'community facing hotel'. 
Clearly this ethic does not extend to preventing clients like this one using its facilities when big money is involved.
When Mr McDelling was asked whether he was prepared to get a team to remove the litter he replied, "it's not our concern"
His general manager, Stuart Bowery was equally unconcerned.
Residents should avoid using this hotel and the Council needs to come down hard on this Paris based organiser.
It also needs to warn the Events Managers of all Central London venues to insert in their contracts: NO FLYPOSTING.


  1. All over South Kensington too.
    I will never use this frightful hotel if this is the way they treat residents

  2. Why cannot the Council prosecute the hotel?

  3. I know Bill Marriott. I will send him the link: he won't be happy!!!

  4. The richest global hotel group and they could not to spend a few hundred pounds to clear the mess.....what a mean and disreputable company.
    Mind you the Grosvenor House Hotel is a shadow of its former self

  5. WORK AT GROSVENOR HOUSE16 February 2014 at 12:01

    I work at the GHH and frankly if it brings in business we don't care about your silly streets

  6. Bill Marriott is not a patch on his father. The shoes were too big to fill

  7. As someone who has worked in a number of top quality hotels in a managerial capacity I am surprised and disappointed that a hotel of the worldwide reputation of Grosvenor House would not show concern for any poor publicity. This hotel has a repuation of excellence; I visited Grosvenor House last May and it certainly lived up to it's fine reputation.


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