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Monday, 24 February 2014


The Dame was perturbed to read that two insolent Chelsea types have announced in the national press peasant's revolt that they intend to stand against Sir Pooter Cockell and Dracula lookalike Paul Warrick, a local solicitor with a very keen interest in planning issues.....

Heinz Schumi, is a well known Chelsea figure. 
Doubtless he will draw massive support from his wide circle of clients and friends: after all, 3,000 people signed the petition to save his business from the rapacious hands of a foreign property developer.
Ian Henderson, is a popular and influential tenant of the iconic and about to be demolished Sutton Buildings. 
The Dame has previously reported on Affinity Suttons' plans to demolish a major portion of this wonderful community asset so Affinity Sutton can make more money and thus boost the senior management team's bonus pool.

Schumi and Henderson present a real and present danger to Pooter's earnings. 
The elections are in May.
In that same month Pooter is forced to step down from from his lucrative £55,000 a year chairmanship of the useless LGA. 
Kicking him off the Council means he will no longer have taxpayers funding him and his family.
Pooter likes to pretend his wife has lots of money to divert attention from his scrounging off the taxpayer: the Dame understands it's a myth.
The Dame hopes that Schumi and Henderson will not focus on Pooter's massive expenses whilst leader: it would be quite unfair to point out the lush hotels, First Class air travel and $600 dinners for two in swanky New York eateries read all about it here.....Greedy Pooter
It's the sort of gossiping that could prove damaging to Pooter: particularly if their leaflets were a collage of all the negative press comment on Pooter and his ex's......

As for Warrick....he is just an odious and unattractive little fellow with little interest in residents. 
Kicking him out will give a lot of pleasure to many.


  1. Dame how can we raise money to support te noble objective of ridding us of the greedy pig Pooter?

  2. It is starting. Fed up residents, many of them long time Tories, are deciding to stand against bloated self serving individuals who have hijacked the Conservative space while no one was watching and/or the living dead voted Conservative on autopilot

  3. Cllr Warwick is one of those puffed up pricks who has found his way to to the Chairmanship of the Planning Committee and is getting up the noses of huge numbers of residents

    1. Warwick is a middle aged poseur who favours Bermuda shorts and Sebagos for running around the Royal Borough in his convertible BMW. Accompanied by his self conscious lady - both of whom wish she was a younger model. For their hoidays they favour the British community in Madeira - retired surveyors from Sevenoaks and the like.


    2. "Both of whom wish she was a younger model"? How awful. Talk about getting your priorities wrong.

  4. Cockle needs to be exposed and dumped. A plague that has been tolerated by Stanley Ward for to long. His profligacy has been exposed by the Dame over many years and this now needs to be shared with the electorate

    1. Oops....

      too long

      (apologies to the Dame)

  5. Is it just me or has Cllr. Warwick got something stuff in his teeth?

  6. The sign of a man who has bitten off more than he can chew.

    1. I blame spinach myself. Stay off the veggies Cllr. Warwick!!

  7. I live in Stanley. We only hear from Sir Merrick and the other two once every four years when they want our votes. Sir Merrick ignores my e-mails - what I have to say is too tiresome for the good Knight. At the local elections in 2010, there was much talk of independent candidates standing against him. It came to nothing. I suspect that it will come to nothing again.


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