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Thursday, 27 February 2014


Dear Dame

Thank you for allowing me the freedom of your columns to give my thoughts on the news that the Chelsea Independents intend to oust Cllrs Cockell, Warrick and Pascall.

In years gone by an Independent faction on any council was seen as a ‘good thing’. The over politicization of local politics has gone too far and nowhere is this more apparent than within RBK&C.
In his years as leader Merrick Cockell prove to be a disaster.
With no external income he clung to power in an undignified and unscrupulous way.
His use of £40,0000 a year Special Responsibility Allowance to cement his leadership smacked of the worst excess of a kind of associated with Tammany Hall /pork barrel politics.

Leaving aside his abuse of the expenses system to fund his love of First Class air travel, luxury hotel suites and £600 discreet dinners for two there is the question of his (at one time)
£120,000 a year taxpayer funded allowance.

It is right that the Chelsea Independent candidates seek to rid the council of Merrick Cockell and his two fellow councilors, Warrick and Pascall. The trio has no interest in residents and is never available to help us when in need.

I will take great pleasure in seeing these three replaced by Ian Henderson, Heinz Schumi and Andrew Barshall: all three are deeply committed to Chelsea and its residents.

Cockell’s only commitment was to his self-interest.

Yours sincerely

J. Bagley


  1. Telling it like it is. Good luck to the Independents.

  2. A shot in the arm for Chelsea democracy

  3. Perhaps the Independents can put a stop to the unfair treatment of Council Officers being forced to relocate to Hammersmith and Fulham. They are to be replaced with - wait for it - officers from Hammersmith and Fulham being moved to the Royal Borough.How mad is that? This is simply an unnecessary expense to the taxpayer. The Pembroke Road Offices will doubtless have another costly facelift whilst loyal hardworking staff are put to the expense and inconvenience of working in a new location whilst doing the same job as they are doing now. This has to stop.


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