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Thursday, 27 February 2014


The comment below was put up by a member of the Conservative Group.
We can surmise who this might be....Walker-Arnott is the evidence is even stronger!
Richard Walker-Arnott also happens to be the former senior partner of that great firm of lawyers, Herbert Smith.
Mr Walker-Arnott is listed in the telephone directory as living in Gloucester Place, NW1.
The Dame took the trouble to call Mr Walker-Arnott(it's unwise to be off side with heavyweight lawyers) and mentioned that his name had been used without his consent.
A furious Mr Walker-Arnott denied ever having heard of the Hornet, let alone commenting in it. 
When asked whether the Dame could assist in identifying the poster he replied that he would deal with the matter himself: his tone was cold and hard!

The Dame does not accuse Cllr Palmer, but two things should happen. He should volunteer to have the hard drive of his computer checked, or Mr Holgate and Cllr Paget-Brown insist that he hand over all computers in his possession for checking by the IT Dept. This is a serious matter......

How about the public want to know the names of the Paedophiles, Wife beaters, and Labour activists that write under the name of the Hornet.


  1. Dear Dame, there have been rumours about this previously, I do hope this isn't true. If it is, Palmer has picked the wrong victim! Richard Walker-Arnott will not suffer fools gladly, or have his good name dragged through the mud by association with these nasty comments.

  2. This is indeed a very serious matter. Apart from all other issues, it indicates the extent to which the Tories think they literally own the Borough. It's what makes K & C quite so rotten.

  3. Queens gate need a good de-selection.


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