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Saturday, 15 February 2014


Local councillors love to talk about localism without understanding its true meaning. 
Most think it has to do with central government devolving funding from the centre so   it can be squandered by local councils on unwanted pet projects, such as the £30 million white elephant, Exhibition Road.
But localism means allowing local people to really have their say and councillors listening.
In the case of the proposed destruction of the Curzon Cinema in King's Road residents have made their feelings very strongly felt. 
In short order, over 9,000 residents have signed the SAVE KING'S ROAD CURZON CINEMA

But, if we are to save this bastion of Chelsea culture more needs to be done. 

So please sign the petition and forward the link to friends.

Also write to Jonathan Bore, our planning chief, making clear the importance of the Curzon as an important local and national cultural institution. 
Stress to him that its safeguarding is a vital council responsibility. You can email him:

Hopefully, Cadogan, under the enlightened leadership of Hugh Seaborn, will scrap this unwanted plan and save our magnificent Curzon Cinema. 

The charm and character of the Road has, over the last decades,
been destroyed. 
The wanton and money driven destruction of the Curzon will be yet another nail in the coffin.

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