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Monday, 17 June 2013


 These questions have just been sent, anonymously, to The Dame
  • Who gets the money if the sale of the Knightsbridge  Fire Station goes ahead?  
  • What was Boris up to in Qatar?  
  • Did we pay for his trip
  • Who owns Carraig Investments SA Luxembourg
  • Do they pay UK tax
A fire in Harrods would be a disaster of epic proportions so you assume the Al Thani family would lobby like crazy to keep the station so it does beg the question as to why they are indifferent....
To a lesser degree the same applies to the Dubai owned Jumeirah Hotel group with two vast hotels minutes away from the station. 

Knightsbridge Fire Station is at the epicentre of the busiest and most densely populated parts of London. 
With over thirty six embassies; two huge department stores; three major museums and five major hotels (totalling thousands of bedrooms) it beggars belief anyone with any intelligence could consider closing it.
In 2012 K&C had the greatest number of fires...nearly eighteen hundred.
To close down this vital station would compromise the safety of hundreds of thousands of Londoners and visitors. 
It's sheer madness to even contemplate the idea....unless of course some very rich Gulf buyer has his eye on this hugely valuable site.....
Come on Boris....what's going on?


  1. what a stupid conspiracy theory

  2. So what could the theory be? Do tell us all.....

  3. This is the very best of the Dame. Keeping an eye out for residents and alerting us to evil intentions

  4. If Carraig benefit from the sale of the fire station then we need to know who is behind Carraig. 16:47 you are a thick son of a bitch if you don't get it.
    There is a rumour that a team from a department store were in the station measuring up.....

  5. Twits the lot of you,

    If a significant piece of land is up for sale why cant Harrods etc have a look at it - good it will sell for a higher price.

    Boris would risk his mayoralty in some sordid property deal around
    Harrods for the benefit of the owners? - Bigger twit Hornet.

    The Fire station is not needed and therefore it is being sold off. It is that simple

  6. The inarticulacy of your comment ensures that you must be the buffoon Palmer. Are you telling us the Al Thani family own Carraig? Are you further suggesting that they are prepared to deprive their customers of a vital fire station just so that they might acquire the site? Your proposition is seriously defamatory

  7. As usual the Dame is shining her light into dark corners. If Boris has his finger in the pie he is a fool. But strange people do strange things for money. Fraser-Howells boyfriend, for example, who nicked the Service Charges from his block of flats where he was a Director

  8. when you cant debate policy - abuse people

  9.'s 'can't debate'....cant is the sort of nonsense you spout...check a dictionary. hahahahaha

  10. When Matthew can't (or "cant") debate - which is all the time - he abuses people. A succession of Mayors have had to call him to order during Council meetings.


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