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Saturday, 22 June 2013


Ludo, the Dame's ignorant nephew has managed to obtain this odd letter from the odious chairman of planning, Cllr's a strange letter and begs a few questions.... 
Ludo demands answers.....
According to Ludo the letter from the ghastly Warrick is a 'warning shot'. Ludo then goes on to ponder whether the Dominic Lawson referred to in Exhibit 2 is the same Dominic Lawson who works with Rock and whose biog appears in Exhibit 3
Ludo is puffed up with pride over his 'discovery'....but, doubtless he has got all a**** over t**
Click on each image to enlarge...if you have the same poor eyesight as the dear old Dame....

EX. 1. Letter from Warrick

EX.2. Extract from Masterpiece letter

Rocky's Socially Conscious mate?


 Rocky's Socially Conscious mate?


  1. This needs looking into. Rock should deny any connection or declare an interest.

  2. So if Ludo has this correct, the Chair of Planning is warning the committee to have nothing to do with this gentleman, who is a (very jolly looking) associate of the Deputy Leader?

    What the hell is going on?

    The Dame warned that Rocky's dodgy developer aspirations could get him into hot water, and now it begins ...

  3. Rock Feilding Mellen should be given nil responsibility for anything to do with planning/housing matters...too much conflict.

  4. Oops too late, he is Cab Mem for Housing and Regeneration.

  5. I think this is one that Nick Paget-Brown should deal with personally as clearly there is a potential conflict. I wholly agree with the comments above that Cllr Feilding should not be allowed to have any involvement on matters concerning planning whatsoever; this clearly only common sense and in the common interest.

  6. I recently attended a planning meeting chaired by Warwick. I have never witnessed such a flawed process. 1. Objectors who submit their objection by email without an address do not receive a reply and subsequently miss out on the right to speak at the hearing. 2. Warwick visits the locations of residential planning applications but not the commercial one, where there is a real loss of amenity at stake. 3. The RBKC planner submits a biased case in favour of the commercial application and there is almost no challenge from the panel. The outcome can then only be construed as deferential to Boris's direction to the boroughs and the pretence of standards of democracy and good governance in the interests of residents is shown up as a facade. What can we do?

  7. Cllr Warrick (new Chairman of Planning)is flexing his muscles in the right direction. First, an effort to make the planning activities more transparent and second, to avoid future embarrassment and scandal for the new Leader. This is a sea change in behaviour from the previous Administration where lone meetings with Property Developers and knowing winks were the order of the day. Of course temptation in K&C is huge because of inflated land values and property values. The Evening Standard has a bulging file on certain Councillors and Officers from the old guard. Some are still around but in less prominent positions.

    Well done Cllr Warrick

  8. Cllr Fielding-Mellen is an accident waiting to happen. The sooner that Cllr Paget-Brown dumps him from the Cabinet the better


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