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Monday, 17 June 2013


You have to hand it to Pooter! In no time at all he has been on at his chum, Mr Pickles, about a job to replace his rapidly diminishing income stream. 

Mr Pickles asked him what sort of job he wanted and Pooter replied, "How about me becoming Minister for England?"

To humour the demented Pooter Mr Pickles said, "Well, run it up the flagpole and see who salutes it." 

Hopefully Mr Pickles will have a quiet word with Mr Cameron.......just in case the idea gets legs....

English people need a minister
Sir Merrick Cockell, the chairman of the Local Government Association, has suggested that people living in England should have their own Government minister to argue their case in Whitehall because they are faring worse than Scotland and Wales in spending decisions. Sir Merrick said: "Once a year I meet my opposite numbers in the outlying parts. They tell us their story and we sit there in amazement, really, at how it can work out. They are not having to endure the savings that we have to.(conveniently forgetting £180 million prised from us poor taxpayers) 
The Daily Telegraph, Page: 10-11


  1. Hilarious....the man has no shame. Why doesn't he go back to flogging fags...his first proper job

  2. Here we go again.....

    Pooter with his nasty little paw held out

  3. Long suffering residents and tax payers, and gobsmacked observers of greed and self service, have to give it to this guy. He sure knows how to push himself forward and invent opportunities to scrounge some more off tax payers. Once a squatter, always a squatter. Needs to be put down

  4. There would be no need for savings if demented idiots like Cockell stop spending £100 million to refurbish perfectly good schools and £30 million to import pink granite from China to decorate Exhibition Road. Artists in Residence and Easter Egg hunts in Holland Park (all funded by tax payers) says it all really. Local Government spending is "the irresponsible face of democracy"

  5. It seems that the Dame will not leave this person alone. Why is she so vindictive? Spurned in love perhaps?

    1. The Dame is always right to pursue scroungers

  6. The Dame and many of her followers are living in a bubble. This is Kensington and Chelsea, home to movers and shakers and rich and influential people. If Bernie Ecclestone can spend £7 million on his daughter's wedding then it is fitting for the Royal Borough to spend a few quid to smarten up Exhibition Rd, one of the worlds most visited thoroughfares

    1. It is ungentlemanly to fritter money away on vulagarities like Exhibition Rd when some residents are being deprived of services their taxes have paid for. The likes of Cockell and crew are deeply common....and as vulgar as Ecclestone. Thus, they feel it acceptable to waste other people's money on such nonsense. You,17:06 are doubtless as crude and common. Well bred people try to look after those in their care. 17:06 you clearly lack your friend Cockell!

    2. What a ridiculous comment from 17.06. An utterly ridiculous comment. The difference is that when Ecclestone spends £7 million on the wedding of his daughter, he is spending his own money. When Cockell hijacks council tax to spend on vanity projects he is spending other people's money. Without permission. The word in law is "theft". If billionaires like Ecclestone and all others in K&C want to donate and spend on K&C infrastructure that would be great. Just like the Victorian philanthropists used to do. And we would expect the Council to have the last word on form and purpose. But stealing hard earned tax payers money for personal ego boosting purposes is not on. Not on at all. So go away 17.06 - you thoroughly nasty cockroach

  7. Fly On The Wall17 June 2013 at 17:08

    The squatter now has time on his hands to dream. To be precise, he has four days a week to dream. As they say "Idle hands make mischief". In this case nothing could be more true. The Public Sector would do well to lock up the coffers


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