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Saturday, 29 June 2013


On his recent trip to Qatar Johnson seemed to have a jolly fun time on our Pooter Cockell liked to do.
In a disparaging way, Johnson wrote in the D.Telegraph, about how camel racing child jockeys were now, as he laconically puts it,"banned five years ago after some human rights outcry".

Note the disparaging 'some human rights outcry'

In his grovelling to the ruling Al Thani tribe he ignores the real reasons why child jockeys were banned. This is why the Al Thani family bowed..... unwillingly to pressure....

The Dame dislikes our maladroit mayor. To have written, as he did, with not a mention of these poor infants, says all we need to know of this man. If he ever becomes Prime Minister the Dame will be off....a silly, dangerous man.

  • In Qatar 275 child jockeys between 5 and 9, illegally trafficked from India, were treated for racing injuries; 17 were left with serious and permanent injuries.... 3 died.
  • A local journalist wrote that, on a given day, half a dozen children are injured and some look forward to injury to escape the terror of the track.
  • The Indian journalist tried to find out what happened to the trafficked children, after the ban.She found none were re-homed or rehabilitated and the trainers could not have cared less about their future or their welfare.


  1. No wonder they couldn't care less about their offsprings behaving as if they practically owned London. To treat mere children like this shown how barbaric they are

  2. Thinking Human29 June 2013 at 19:04

    This was only recently stopped, yet memebers of our royal family saw no issue about attending these races. Talk about child abuse!

  3. It's incredible that Johnson could write this article and sneer at those who put an end to this amoral practice.

  4. Will you be doing a piece about the Labour councillors who had a thing for Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin?

  5. Please let me know the names of the Guilty Ones

  6. 11:14 I think the Dame is taking the piss out of you!

  7. This confirms to me (yet again) what Boris is really all about, in my view a complete chancer. He really should buckle down and deliver the goods. Issues such as making London Transport affordable (it has gone up 50% since he took office). In my view, in order to make it more affordable and fairer, it is only reasonable that the Freedom Pass is means tested like many other so called freebies which are doled out to one and all.


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