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Thursday, 20 June 2013


In this borough we have residents with fine business brains: men and women who have build up large and successful international concerns. 
One of the Dames' readers is a senior City figure. He has written to the Dame expressing bewilderment at a comment made by extremely silly Cllr E. Campbell.

Nick Paget-Brown should forbid this silly councillor from commenting on serious matters. 
She makes a fool of herself and brings ridicule upon the council

"I was pleased to read Camilla's piece but can "The Dame" point out to  economic illiterate Elizabeth Campbell that "selling an asset" is a still a "cost" to taxpayers.What's more, far from "raising £105 million", to date the Council have only received 10% of the sale price of the Southern site so RBKC has been funding the balance of the cost of the school namely some £90million... such funding coming from the Councils' reserves. 
Let's hope Native Land the developer of the Southern site will be good for the balance due of £90million when the time comes for them to deliver."


  1. One would have thought that there was someone of greater intelligence to put in the Cabinet: E.Campbell is a calamity

  2. Cllr Campbell trumpeted a few months ago that the school "cost us nothing". The woman is obviously an air head and no doubt thought that such a statement might please her then boss (Squatter Cockell) and gain her preferment. She clearly needs to return to school and in the meantime should be booted out of the Cabinet where she is not fit for purpose. Nick, some action please


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