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Sunday, 23 June 2013


Another councillor entrepreneur bites the dust of defeat! Sadly, Councillor Palmer's attempt at money making fails.....
The question is, will Pooter make more of a success of


  1. Dear Dame, do you note a lack of comments from probable Conservative Councillors? This is apparently because 1, they have been told by the new Leader to keep well away from the Hornet, and they are afraid for their allowances and 2, they think your new security/anti-robot system will pick up their email addresses!

    Guys - it doesn't, your anonymity is safe. Go on, have a rant, 'better out than in' you know!

  2. It would be highly significant if the new Leader has in fact forbidden Conservative councillors from engaging with the Hornet, as his predecessor did.

    The briefest look around the world highlights the acute levels of public dissatisfaction with various public authorities in a seemingly random assortment of countries. Forbidding engagement with the democratic process - in this case the redoubtable Hornet - is a slippery slope. It seems old habits die very hard in the Rotten Borough.

  3. George - I am reliably informed that Marie-Antoinette PB has done that very thing.

  4. If you think it was bad before its going to get even worse, it is very apparent that this council and its creepy officers are not in the least interested in local peoples view about the services they are supposed to provide for them.

    The wishy washy 'survey' our MP Mr Rifkind has sent out to glean the views of residents demonstrates this... totally pointless. They want to hear what they want to hear and NOTHING else.

    They need to all be reminded they are PUBLIC SERVANTS and are accountable to us.

    1. This is pure "Yes Minister" stuff from the useless Rifkind. The teenage Research Assistant working for this hopeless MP in the House of Commons has come up with the grand recommendation:

      "Malcolm, the K&C residents are saying that you are an absentee MP. Do a survey!"

      "What an excellent idea" replied the absentee MP.

    2. 'What an excellent idea" replied the absentee MP....absent mindedly...and remind me, I MP for Chelsea or Fulham? I have never been told.

  5. What survey is this? Has it reached North Kensington?

  6. Will it heck as like reach North Kensington thats where they kee p the poor, unwashed barely educated people! tut tut tut


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