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Wednesday, 26 June 2013


When poor old Pooter stood for the LGA his only opponent was the ex leader of Leicestershire CC, David Parsons, now being investigated over misuse of expenses and abuse of council cars(some resonance here)
So hardly a strong field for the £55,000 a year, 3 day  a week quango. 
Pooter sold himself on the basis that he was London based  and would in the media 'day and night' putting the local government case.
The results of his 'media activity' do not look good...
  • 33% cuts to local government cf
  • 12% to national government
  • and a further 10% to come
This morning the Dame happened to hear our hapless ex leader stuttering and stammering on Radio 4 and failing to answer the basic test:
'Give me two examples of where there is serious damage', asked the interviewer. 
Not a difficult question, but it completely flummoxed our poor knight.'!


  1. Poor Pooter.

    Of course the question is impossible to answer about damage as a result of cuts in local government because so far all they have had to do in RBKC is cut back on waste and there is still plenty of room for more. Dismantling Pooter's empire should see a signficant reduction in the council tax next year so good news for all.

  2. about getting rid of/re-allocating his personal team of 5

  3. Cllr Fielding-Mellen is an accident waiting to happen. Cllr Cockell is an accident that already happened

  4. I listened to to the Chancellor's Budget speech today and could not help thinking that a huge amount of money could be saved by slashing the grant to local Government. Perhaps by 30%. Sounds tough but when one considers the spending that goes on in K&C (£1 million a year for two Mayors, a Bentley and a Jag. Plus another £ 1 million every year to subsidise Holland Park Opera, for example) it is clear that these profligate local Government organisations need to be woken up. They are mostly disconnected from life and it is only a huge jolt that will force residents to shake up their profligate councils.

  5. The Squatter is a busted flush. The sooner that the LGA Quango is closed down the better. Would save £30 million.

  6. The bounder is a disgrace


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