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Sunday, 16 June 2013


The previous post dealt with the Despatches programme on council waste. So how weird it was to read a Telegraph report in which £53,000 per annum, two day a week  LGA chairman, Pooter Cockell, threatened us with no street lighting to pay for social care for the elderly. 

You can read it here

"Social care is one of the things that you lie awake at night worrying about,
” said Sir Merrick Cockell, the Conservative leader of Kensington and Chelsea council in London, who is chairman of the LGA.

Under Pooter's leadership K&C spent over £600,0000 a year on limo's and their hire! Through overtaxing residents there is £189 million of OUR MONEY sitting in reserves. 
Use that!
Let's not forget about his £28 million Exhibition Rd project or the £1million a year on Opera Holland Park, or the million he lost on Chelsea Care. Or the £90 million Holland Park School.
We are well rid of the idiot!

Most of us always recognised Pooter Cockell for the prize arse he is, but the quote here solidifies that view.
The idea about this fat little fellow lying awake thinking about anything but himself is the stuff of dreams. 

He added: “If Government doesn’t give us what we hope on sharing and integration at national and local budget level, the services like libraries, like leisure centres, like the way that parks are kept or indeed street lights being on all through the night, councils will have to look at saving money on those things.”
the less C.Government gives to wastrels like you the better!


  1. What a hypocrite

  2. Is this the same Pooter who a year or two ago shut a dining club for the elderly in N Kensington?

    Then there is the ever rising number of poor folk being shunted out of the Rotten Borough in order to
    make way for more offshore corporate non-residents.

    We remember in our prayers the unfortunate elderly lady, a former ballet dancer, denied attendance at night. She was made to use incontinence pads. Let us pray that Pooter receives the same level of compassionate and dignified care in his latter years. Amen.

  3. A tosser tossing and turning

  4. The Telegraph need to get their facts right. Cockell is no longer the Leader of K&C. He is the disgraced ex Leader of K&C and Trougher in Chief at the LGA


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