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Sunday, 16 June 2013


Someone commmented the other day about the purpose of PR. This was in the context of the famous and well trumpeted 'Grassless Garden'.
The purpose of public relations is to head off media criticism: something our £450,000 a year council PR lads/lasses are incapable of doing. 
If it's not Pooter Cockell with his lavish expenses, or ex Cllr Lamont with his stash of child pornography, or disgusting Barry Phelps with his email images of young boys, the PR boys seem incapable of arresting the unceasing flow of lousy national press coverage.

And in the Mail on Sunday today we learn...

"The deprived area of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council racked up a £644,000 bill on chauffeur-driven cars, and runs a BMW 7 series, a BMW 5 series and a Volvo S80.
While posh Kensington and Chelsea Council, in London, spent £602,000 on chauffeur-driven cars, which include a Bentley Continental and a Jaguar Sovereign.
The investigation comes as town halls face fewer controls than ever before on how cash is spent.
Councils in Britain are responsible for £114billion of taxpayers' money - more than the entire NHS budget, and twice the defence budget"

You can read all about it here....lavish council spending

There is even a picture of a K&C motor!

Nick Paget-Brown cannot be blamed for this spending, though it did take place under his watch, as deputy leader. This is the moment for Nick to prove his steel and show the world that the days of living 'on the hog' are well and truly over. 
Time for the Bentley to be hired out for weddings,high days & holidays and the occasional batmizvah.


  1. What is it with RBKC councillors? Child hungry paedoperv Andrew Lamont, or filthy Barry "bungjuice" Phelps attempting to make disgusting pictures of young boys "paedo chic". Each and every RBKC councillor has taken the local tax payers for a ride, either by dipping into the honey pot or the money pot. We've all been Cockelled!

  2. For years I've asked why, when the Council's waste management contractor was proved to have overcharged the street traders' ring-fence account by £5 million, the street traders were "repaid" not by the contractors, but with £728,000 of residents' money.

    Cllr Paget-Brown has yet to respond.


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