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Monday, 3 June 2013


The Dame begins to feel sorry for Mr and Mrs Myers. A comment today suggests Mr Myers pulls in £250,000 a year (with a £2 million pension 'skip'-pot is just too inaccurate)

The same source says  Mrs Myers, another taxpayer funded person, picks up £180,000 a year....presumably with the same juicy pension 'skip'.

So that's nearly £9,000 a week!!!!!

So why does the Dame feel such pity? 
Well, how on earth do they find the time to spend it! 
There only a limited number of afternoon tennis lessons Mr Myers can take.....

Seriously wonder we are in such a state when a social services officer can rise up the ranks and collect £250,000 a year running a smallish local council. 
The argument that the 'market' demands such outlandish pay levels is a nonsense: only a financially suicidal private company would take on one of these paper pushers. 

It falls into perspective when you see that Myers is picking up substantially more than the other Prime Minister.
One thing we can be sure of....Mr Myers will not need to relocate to Peterboro'


  1. The guy is laughing all the way to the bank. Amazing that he has stuck it out for so long in Hornton Street. What was the point?

  2. Fly On The Wall3 June 2013 at 18:40

    Myers is power mad. He does not need the cash. The chance to run three Boroughs was too tempting. But now he seems to have realised that two Boroughs is the best that he could do (Westminster turned up its nose when he was offered) and the future of the Tri Borough mess is in doubt. So the tennis player is off to the great yonder


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