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Friday, 7 June 2013


All the talk about whether parents should pull strings to get their offsprings internships caused Ludo, the Dame's errant nephew, to call asking for advice. 
It seems the poor dimwitted fellow had seen some of the salaries available in RBK&C & H&F and thought, having tried all else, he should get himself into local government. 
As he said, "Aunt, once you get a top local government job you never get booted out-not like some of my friends in the City. Could you use your huge goodwill and swing an internship?"
Ludo was quite right...looking at some of the salaries these jobsworths were commanding it sounds like local government is the way to go!


  1. What would be interesting to see the total numbers of employees in each department and total compensation costs.
    These people would be quite unemployable outside local government-despite the balls they talk about needing to stop seepage to the private sector

  2. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London manages to look after the eight million people of Greater London on a salary of £143,911, how can they justify these salary levels?


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