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Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Compared to Daniel Moylan Rock Feilding Mellen is a mere schoolboy. 
So why did Nick Paget-Brown favour this nonentity over Moylan: after all, they both scored the same number of votes.....

The Dame can reveal that Nick used admirable guile to ensure that Moylan did not get under his feet. 

Here's how he did it..... 

He offered Danny Boys Planning or some similar Cabinet post...but on a condition. That condition was that he quit his £15,000 directorship of Tfl and the £75,000 a year job as aviation advisor. 
Had he agreed it would have meant Danny Boys was short £60,000 a he didn't agree....and kept his £112,000 a year. 

So you see, 'loons'-swivel eyed or not-it's all about filthy lucre.

Danny Boys is livid. 
He never thought he would be given the Morton's Fork treatment....and particularly by N P-B!


  1. Having known N-P-G for some years, I am no great admirer. Suffice it to say that the greatest gift he has bestowed on the residents of this dismal Borough is arranging to keep Moylan out.

    Well done. Please keep up the good work.

  2. Not as stupid as he looks, then, our NP-B!

  3. Nick should go into politics....master he could pretend that he needed all Boys time!

  4. Person Familiar With The Situation21 May 2013 at 16:44

    As usual the Dame is unusually well informed. A master stroke by PB who understands how much Moylan likes money. Boris, of course, is not well pleased. He had hoped to get rid of his "problem"

  5. Get rid of Boris' problem?

    Which one?

  6. Stitch up indeed!

    There were many twists and turns in this Leadership election. For the last 18 months Rocky and Cllr Fiona Buxton (inventor of Chelsea Care) have been skirting around each other and promising mutual support in a Leadership bid on behalf of the disaffected group of young Tory councillors. It is a mystery why Buxton did not stand.

    Rocky is wildly ambitious in that played down Eton way and was nervous that he could not attract sufficient support against either of the two Tims. Imagine his surprise and joy when both Time were unable to find Proposers and Seconders for their Leadership ambitions. Our boy was in overdrive - but fluffed his presentation at the Hustings when it became patently clear that his abilities are lacking. But then Paget-Brown saw his chance and did the deal. "Darling Rock, I will make you Deputy if you stand down and deliver your vote to me". The rest is history.

    Not a bad outcome for Rocky. A child with no experience of life from a dotty family (head drillers)catapulted from obscure Cabinet Member for Civil Society to the role of Deputy Leader. All because the numbers said so. Not a jot to do with ability, contribution or aptitude

  7. Moylan is licking his wounds. Bad enough to lose out in his Leadership bid. But then to come LAST and with no crumb of consolation. Not even a Committee Chairmanship.

    Friends say that he is spitting blood

    1. Fly On The Wall21 May 2013 at 17:01

      Moylan was the strongest Leadership presenter at the Hustings. No question about that. But his fellow Councillors felt that they could not entrust themselves to his Leadership

  8. Millfield, not Eton. Probably - like the Inspector - not bright enough to go to Eton - unlike Tim C.

  9. Everyone must be heaving sighs of relief that Moylan is now out of the picture. Smart move to ensure that the greedy grasping gentleman is kept out of RBKC, perhaps UKIP will challenge for his seat on the council and win! A fall from power is long overdue.


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