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Saturday, 25 May 2013


Pooter is in a lachrymose state.Those bothering to listen hear him say-self pityingly- "my political career is at an end."
Oh for goodness sake, Pooter, cut the drama....

Anyone would think that you had been a real Prime Minister- rather than the leader of a smallish local council.

With much arm twisting, Pooter has managed to get himself on the Major Plannning Committee and the lesser Planning Applications Committee.
These are important for a man desperately looking to replace lost taxpayer income and looking for some non exec directorships to make up lost income.
Pooter's other hope is that a Lordship is on the way. He thinks he could be a useful 'Lord on the Board'.
His ambitions will be limited so he doesn't expect anything from Capco...but something property related  would be nice.
In the meantime his colleagues are suggesting- as he knows bugger all about planning- a 'councillor training' scheme is required.....
The Dame suggests disgraced ex Mayor Phelps and his friend, mysterious Michael French, give him some helpful names: no pack drill...but these two 'characters' will get the Dame's drift...


  1. Why did Phelps have so many overseas bank accounts? And was he not a great friend of ex Planning chief French???????

    1. Phelps was very close to French. The knock about sparring at Committee was just for show. Dame, why did French always close the door when Phelps phoned?

    2. Pooter knows nothing about planning and is too arrogant to take training. Another fail for Pooter in the making.

    3. 39 credit cards, and three bank accounts in Jersey plus properties in London and Ireland registered in a British Virgin Islands Trust. A councillor on the Planning Committee who pleaded poverty. Fairy tales....

  2. So poorer now realises he needs training! Considering he has taken the Borough down a tri borough mess I would like the dame to send her beady eyed investigators out to see what a mess this truly is! Training! Off with his head!

  3. It is time for the Royal Borough to withdraw funding from the Local Govt Association (just like other enlightened Boroughs are doing) and finish off the reptile

  4. This man should not be allowed within 100 miles of the temptations of the Planning Committee

  5. Fly On The Wall28 May 2013 at 13:29

    The Dame will be keeping a close eye on Cllr Cockell and what he gets up to on the Planning Committee

    1. then you are very sad

    2. Why so? Good idea to keep an eye on greedy guts like Pooter

  6. The Dame and Retired Chief Executive must investigate all these British Virgin Island trusts once they are opened up. At least two of our less loved RBKC councillors/former councillors seem to have acquired them after becoming very influential in planning matters.

    However, Cockell's interest may be more so that he can follow the disgraced Cunningham example. And how admirably subtly and quietly Labour seem to have disposed of O'Neill.


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