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Sunday, 5 May 2013



The Dame is pleased to publish any letter in support of any candidate, including this very odd one.....
Clearly the major is a man for order in the ranks....but what nonsense. Could he be Moylan himself?

The Hornet’s Nest
Via email

Dear Madam

You have claimed that you will allow residents to express their thoughts so allow me please to express my thoughts about Cllr Moylan.

The main fuss is that he does not listen. Well, we should all be very grateful to have a very clever chap as our next leader. We should also remember-particularly those in the south of the Borough, that had they listened to Cllr Moylan the traffic would be running more smoothly around Sloane Square. 
The Square is ugly and is just a place for idle people to lounge around and beggars to congregate. 
Cllr Moylan-for those who have forgotten is an architect and knows about these matters.
I have heard that he does not listen….well so what I say. We should be proud to have a man running our lives who lets nothing stand in the way of progress.
A lot of rubbish was talked that money was spent on surveys to support the minor changes to Sloane Square that is called politics.
As for his £200,000 salary.....that is none of our business.

It is about time residents realised that councillors know much more about these things than we do. Why should they listen when we have appointed them.
As an ex Forces officer I can tell you that insubordination is a serious matter.

And lets stop this nonsense about South Africa. Who cares?
Please allow me to remain anonymous.

Yours sincerely

A. B*******n   Major retd


  1. Phew!
    This will set the cat amongst the pigeons....with friends like the Major Moylan has no need of enemies!

  2. Assuming this letter is not simply a spoof, the writer has taken leave of his senses. Democracy requires councillors to both listen to residents and respond to them with respect. Moylan is capable of neither.

    Contrary to the opinion expressed in the letter, when his name is mentioned, South Africa rapidly becomes the focus of conversation. Fortunately residents do care very much.

    1. It's a spoof.

    2. Precisely the reaction of the Dame....but then her Forensic Team verified it by cross checking.

  3. Since when has Cllr. Moylan been an architect? What are his qualifications to claim to be an architect? Where did he train to become an architect? When did he last practise as an architect?

    1. I think it was written by ex-Councillor Phelps. Just his bombastic style. But in my view even Moylan would be better than the ghastly Rock Around the Clock.

    2. No, he would not...he would cause chaos

  4. I suspect the hand of Phelps....he hates Moylan

  5. I think it's time that Cllr Moylan came clean about why he left the Foreign Office and South Africa.
    Whenever the matter is raised he threatens people with solicitors. Well, as a public paid servant we have a right to know of the record of the personal lives of those elected by us

  6. Why is that RBK&C tends to attract such poor quality candidates when so many champions of industry live in the Royal Borough and would be delighted to take on the role of leader for next to nothing as it used to be. Come to think of it, in my view the councillors should be paid expenses and a lttle bit extra for their efforts. In my view the maximimum term of office for any councillor should be two terms; this would give more people a chance to serve the community and encourage more talent and greater transparency and hence more democracy. As it stands as a fair amount of deadwood or career politicians which is not what the electorate either seeks or deserves. Irinically, there are many intelligent and upstanding citizens who would love to serve the community but because of the abuse of the democratic process under in particular, Merrick Cockell the best candidates either did not express an interest and if they did were turned down for no good reason. So you have it, a strong possibility of getting a bully boy and thoroughly nasty piece of work, Daniel Moylan.

  7. The officers are looking forward to Rocky - think how easy it will be to twist him round their bureaucratic fingers.

  8. RFM - It is true - He does lose his cool very easily, I have heard a recording of him trying to get a twit Councillor to vote for him and after an hour on the phone the man exploded.

  9. Can you send to the Dame? She can put up an audio link

  10. At last year's meeting about the expansion at Heathrow, (Kensington suddenly having woken up to the noise suffered already by Chelsea residents), Councillor Moylan didn't even understand the calibre of the well researched questions from the residents. At the end of the meeting which was cut short, he thanked us all for behaving ourselves as if we were schoolchildren.


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