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Sunday, 19 May 2013


Tories begin defecting to Ukip over 'loons' slur

Conservative activists have begun defecting to the UK Independence Party in protest at the Tory leadership’s “arrogant and insulting” attitude towards grassroots members.

A sizeable number of Tory MPs have reminded the public that their attitude towards David Cameron is sliding from distrust to open contempt
Prime Minister David Cameron Photo: AP
Local Conservative party campaigners, including the chairman of one constituency association, will this week pledge their support for Nigel Farage after one of David Cameron’s allies described grassroots Tories as “mad, swivel-eyed loons”.
Mr Farage uses an advertisement in Monday's Daily Telegraph to urge Conservative voters to back Ukip. The “loons” description, he says, is “the ultimate insult” from a party leadership that has betrayed the trust of its own supporters.
He writes in the advertisement: “Only an administration run by a bunch of college kids, none of whom have ever had a proper job in their lives, could so arrogantly write off their own supporters.”
The Daily Telegraph, which reported the comment along with other newspapers on Saturday, has not named the individual who made the remarks.
Lord Feldman, the co-chairman of the party, denied over the weekend that he had been responsible and was said to be considering legal action after internet rumours suggested he had made the comment.
The peer, who has known the Prime Minister since they were students at Oxford together, will be questioned by members of the party’s executive board, which he chairs, at a meeting in London today.



    1. But don't even glance at their manifesto. It's scary!

  2. The current Conservative majority government seems to consist largely of Cameron's Eton and Oxford chums. This reflects the deeply reactionary nature of Toryism. I'm no supporter of Ukip, but can see why those excluded from the golden circle of cronyism might find it an attractive prospect.

    Would George Osborne impress any of us as our local bank manager?

    1. Would George Osborne impress any of us as our local bank manager? Probably not.

      But then your local bank manager doesn't have to be all that impressive these days ... it's the computer that says no (or yes) after all.

      In which case George might indeed be able to manage looking mildly impressive sitting in front a PC following a script.

      Although siting him offshore might be preferable.


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