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Thursday, 2 May 2013


The Dame is very worried about her idiot  nephew, Ludo. Ludo has received an invitation to pop around for 'drinkies' with Rock to discuss his leadership plans. 
Aunty expressly forbade him from doing so. 
Ludo is causing her enough heartbreak without the silly boy getting involved with Rocky and his 'fast' set of young friends.... like polo playing Quent Marshall....Iranian playboy, Abbas Barkhordar and Louis 'Mosleyite' Mosley.
These young people live life in the fast lane...not suitable company for young and impressionable Ludo.

What a crass piece of work....if you can't do better than this turgid, repetitive and tedious rubbish Rocky you should butt out now and leave it to the grown-ups.

Rock Feilding-Mellen 
“A renewed sense of purpose”

If elected as leader of the Conservative Group, I would secure victory in the 2014 elections, I would deliver a new vision, and I would reform how the Council and the Conservative Group are run so that every Conservative Councillor counts.
Victory in 2014
We Conservatives face new electoral challenges in Kensington and Chelsea. To secure our position and make sure we continue to appeal to our changing population, I would:
  • Focus our campaigning resources in Earl’s Court, Cremorne, and St Helens
  • Reinvigorate the Association and ensure it embraces new ways of campaigning for the digital
  • Take the fight to the Lib Dems and Labour with the message that we are the party of low Council Tax, while they are the parties of the Mansion Tax
  • Ward off UKIP by securing our electoral base and reaching out to the many non-British EU residents, who now make up 17% of the population

  • A Renewed Sense of Purpose
    I would ensure that we continue to provide excellent value for money and outstanding services, but we need more than that. We need a clear vision for the future. I want to make sure that Kensington and Chelsea can be home to the aspiring and not just to the already successful. That was the case 15 years ago, and can be again, if we:
  • Keep Council Tax low and find more efficiencies through Triborough and in our own services
  • Protect funding for services that are not significant budget items, but which are of great
    significance to the majority of residents, like planning and enforcement
  • Explore the potential for a programme of estate renewal to build more mid-market homes and better Council houses for our existing tenants
  • Encourage academic excellence in our state schools by setting up a K&C Scholarship Fund to cover the cost of university tuition fees by drawing on private philanthropy
  • Promote local economic growth with a reshaped economic development strategy focused on job creation and business growth
    Making Every Conservative Councillor Count
    I would reform the way the Council and the Conservative Group are run to ensure that every Councillor can make a difference. I would:
  • Hand the chairmanship of group meetings to an elected backbencher to enable more debate and scrutiny as well as greater backbencher involvement in the formulation of policy
  • Reduce the number of Council meetings where decisions are not made to allow more time for meaningful debate at group meetings
  • Set up an early warning system to inform ward Councillors about decisions local to their ward, and ensure they have real influence over these
  • Protect RBKC’s sovereignty, identity, and quality of service, even as we drive Triborough forward to get more savings
  • Hold regular one-to-one meetings with all group members, and have a general open-door policy for resident groups, businesses, and voluntary organisations
    If elected, I would always fight for the best interests of Kensington and Chelsea; I would bring fresh thinking as well as renewed drive and energy; and I would be an open but strong leader. 


  1. This is utter c**p

    To think you can beat Ukip by appealing to the 'many non-British EU residents' shows how bereft of ideas you are.

  2. Sweeping Cameron style statements. The next step is to hear if he can convert this to oratory and sway the Electoral College his way

    1. It's PR spin with no substance. Must have been written by the same claptrap writer as this:

      Shallow, patrician, ignorant nonsense.

  3. The boy is spouting. Will the poodles "woof"?

  4. The Dame should stand back a little bit and smile. Her efforts have not been in vain. Cockell has gone. There is an election going on for a new Leader. There are three candidates. They are all different. There will be a hustings. The Conservative councillors will vote. There is still much work to be done and more vigilance required by the Dame. But the old girl is having a fundamental impact on the life and times of the Royal Borough.

    Long live the Dame

  5. The electoral system for a new Leader in K&C stinks. 48 Tory Councillors conniving with three candidates for a power grab for the 30 or so SRAs and "gifts" on offer from the new Leader (Cabinet positions, Committee Chairmen, two Mayors, Independent Person etc etc). All of this is being done in secret. Residents and Conservative Party members are excluded. Stone Age stuff.

  6. The motion to which Cllr. Lightfoot took such great exception was merely asking for a voluntary register of councillors and any spouses whose income comes from tax efficient off-shore family trusts, property companies or similar (like former councillor Barry Phelps). As he does not have such a trust, which leadership candidate is he trying to protect?

    1. Oh very astute 09.32!

      Which one does he support? Rocky perhaps, no doubt he's hoping for Finance Cab Mem in perpetuity.

  7. Not much about what he would do for us the rate payers in K&C. Mostly about how he would like to run the Tory Councillors and who would get more money from his new chairmanship. Let us know what you plan for us.

  8. Oh dear, this blog to save Thorpe Woodlands in Norfolk has got Rock FM down to a 't'. Read it.

    1. So Rocky is a relative of Lord Bath. He of the wifelets and lover of kaftans. And then there is the head drilling mother. Is this suitable material for the next Leader of Kensington and Chelsea?

      I think not

    2. How timely for the Dame to unearth this article about Cllr Rock Fielding- Mellen. What a vapid fellow he is. In spite of great privilege and an expensive education he seems to have achieved precisely nothing. The person who came from everywhere and went nowhere. A waste of space


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