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Sunday, 19 May 2013


Councillor Elizabeth Rutherford-like the dear old  Dame, is courteous, polite and well bred. 
She is difficult to move to anger.
However, it seems that our local part time agent and Spanish boutique hotel owner has done just that.

So angry is Cllr Rutherford friends say she will never speak to Jonathan Fraser-Howells again!

Fraser-Howells has form for upsetting people, but in dangerous times such as these it is unwise to antagonise the unpaid workhorses. 
These are the invaluables who go out on cold and rainy nights delivering leaflets. 
Many are being courted by Mr Farage....

Just recently, a long time Tory loyalist, Billy James was hauled before a kangaroo court. 
The charge against Billy was that he had felt compelled to spill the beans about Fraser-Howells business affairs at his Spanish hotel shared with his "ex" live-in lover...a man who has done time for stealing a huge amount of money.

The hapless canary, Billy James, was hauled up before a kangaroo court convened by Association Chairman Mathew Carrington and expelled from the Party. 
And there are mutterings that Chelsea and Fulham MP Greg Hands can't stand the sight of Frazer-Howells either. 
And then there was the lovely tea lady and sandwich maker for Courtfield Ward parties. She walked out in disgust after a Frazer-Howells encounter. Members know how vital these volunteers are: they cannot be taken for granted let alone gratuitously offended.K&C Tories are in deep trouble with falling membership and a need to replace 1a Chelsea Manor St with cheaper offices. 
With an agent like Fraser-Howells who needs a 
Labour Party? He does their work for them!    


  1. Fraser-Howells has been a liability in K&C for too long. With Cockell gone and Myers going, it is time for the new Leader Cllr Paget-Brown to make it a hat trick.

  2. Like that other strange fellow, Cllr Moylan, Agent Howells has a habit of rubbing people up the wrong way. What is it with these guys that they just have this deep seated need to offend people? And the horrible part of it is that it is the nicest persons that they seem to go for. There is not a bad bone in the Rutherford body and there is absolutely no excuse to be rude to this gentle person

    1. Now, now. Lets not get carried away. Liz Rutherford is a formidable lady. Iron butterfly, some would say. Tucked away in her nice little cottage in Peel Street she has plans to relocate herself from Courtfield Ward to the more local Campden Ward.

    2. Person Familiar With The Situation20 May 2013 at 11:46

      Cllr Buckmaster has indicated that he will not stand again as Ward Councillor for Campden at the next election and Cllr Rutherford has let it be known that she would like to fill the vacancy and stand down as a Courtfield councillor. The lady lives in Campden Ward and it would reduce her travel. There is also new blood after the vacancy which is a thoroughly good thing.

      But newcomers need to be wary. Campden Ward is a hotbed of Wasps, Hornets and friends of the Dame. Also a very angry Residents Association which is thoroughly pissed off by the duplicitous behaviour of the current Tory clique

  3. Sloane Square Veteran19 May 2013 at 21:53


  4. Something wrong with the Tory Party at the moment. When the grass roots is ridiculed and offended by people around the Leader and the Kensington and Chelsea Agent, questions need to be asked. Is the Party for the benefit of Office holders or voters?

  5. With Democracy there is a solution. The rotters need to be voted out.

  6. Agent Howells and Cllr Coates are two of the most objectionable and nasty individuals who are active in Conservative politics in the Royal Borough.

    1. Off with their heads!

  7. In Labour circles, Dent Coad and Blakeman must get a mention

    1. Very odd comment. What has this to do with anything? Please enlighten us readers

    2. Yeah....what this all about it...don't know about Blakeman but Emma is a good person

    3. so sezs emma

    4. Oh please....stop being a repetitive bore


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