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Friday, 3 May 2013


Here are just a few questions the "electoral college" did not ask at last night's hustings.....

Readers may wish to add to the list.

  •       If elected leader will you agree to no more than a maximum term of 4 years
  •       Will you insist that the leader does not double job

  •        To show solidarity with residents and mid rank officers will you make  a 20% cut to the leader’s £65,0000 a year allowance and reduce by the same % Special Responsibility Allowances
  •       The overall cost of running the leader’s office is currently £140,000 a year. How would you reduce this cost
  •       What salary would you pay the new chief executive
  •       Will you agree to random drug testing for councillors-especially the young ‘un’s
  •       Would you agree to a referendum for major capex projects….such as Exhibition Road and Holland Park School
  •       How would you propose disciplining errant councilors
  •       Would you insist on councillors holding regular surgeries


  1. Dame love the drug testing are a naughty old soul

  2. How about Mr Moylan describing his FO experiences


    1. Didn't know about his FO experience......where was it and would it be an asset or a liability in the role of RBKC Leader ?

    2. mmmmmmm....difficult question.....I expect he may tell you to F***k O** if you ask him

    3. That suggests a skeleton in the cupboard, which surely should see the light of day before the Leadership election rather than after ?

  3. How about why Moylan was kicked off the London Legacy board by Johnson

  4. Question: Will you conduct a full scale investigation into how RBKC came to sign its grossly overpriced and illegitimate 16 year waste contract? How will you prevent a repetition?

  5. Tired Tory Councillor3 May 2013 at 15:28

    Dame, I wonder if you might gently suggest to Ludo that he advise his friends that Red Bull and other energy drinks are a reasonable stimulant to get young people through long boring Council meetings. Far better than the other stuff.

    Agree wholeheartedly with all other suggestions.

  6. This is an excellent list of questions. Of course none of this was discussed at the hustings last night.

  7. The future of Holland Park Opera should be added to the list of questions

  8. There was a young man called Rock
    Who thought he would give leadership a pop
    With a flash of his hand
    He struck up the Band
    And his team became the laughing stock

  9. Fly On The Wall3 May 2013 at 22:10

    Moylan was the star turn at the hustings. Stood out clearly from the other two

  10. The fact that he can talk the hind legs off a donkey means sweet FA. He is crazy and unbalanced and the fact that Johnson fired him for not being any good proves it. He is just a good debater, but no leader.

  11. The fact he still has two jobs with Johnson says you are wrong and that Moylan is very skilled

  12. The Aviation job is a non job:the Mayor has responsibility for aviation.....he is just trying to build his income off taxpayers. He should go and get a proper job outside local government.
    Johnson's record on picking people is shit!

    1. should have read the Mayor has NO responsibility....

  13. Moylan is a disaster waiting to happen. The sensible councillors will go for the sensible option - let us just hope that there are enough sensible councillors left in the Conservative Group.

    Moylan grand-standing at Council meetings while bullying officers and councillors alike behind the scenes will lead to a massive exodus of hard-working people currently committed to the good of the borough and all its residents. The exodus following the introduction of the Hammersmith-led Tri-borough will look like a drop in the ocean. Please, dear Dame, find the 1982 Foreign Office report!

    1. Fed Up with the 'Nice Guys'5 May 2013 at 08:04

      Dear 10.01, we are told that the FO report is available. People are afraid to publish as it has wider implications that could bring down/embarrass/blight the lives of those who have it and shouldn't.

      Time to be bold and do the right thing.


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