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Saturday, 4 May 2013


Apolitical old bird though she is when La Dame finds hardworking, honest councillors she backs them to the hilt....hence her admiration of  Emma Dent Coad-even though she refuses to recuperate on SS Hornet-the Dame's gloriously decadent steam yacht. 
The Dame also admires  those on the Conservative side who exhibit the old fashioned qualities of compassion, integrity and commonsense she so admires: she will spare the blushes of those Conservative councillors by not naming them.....

But to other her quest for political independence the Dame is happy to let any of her readers contribute their thoughts. 
Those who know the Dame know that she is a fan of Lord Acton and his dictum about the perverse effect of absolute power. One reader has challenged her to publish his letter calling for a re-balancing of power in the Borough....she is happy to do so. 

One of the first councillors she hopes to be booted off is the lazy, ineffectual and plain silly Cllr Weale!
She is never available for those who voted for her....unlike the admirable Cllrs Coleridge and Paget-Brown who perform well in that regard. 
They need to take this hopeless councillor to one side and warn her to pull up her socks, but of course, like Rocky....another sprig of the aristocracy, she feels above hard work, but does like her juicy allowance.
Anyway, the Dame is the letter with the name and address removed.

Dear Dame

I have been a repeat Tory voter, year in, year out but now feel that my support is taken for granted. 
It seems that we are like cannon fodder: forced to subdue our real political instincts so a group of mainly lazy and greedy councillors can gorge themselves on huge allowances and waste our money on vanity projects we can ill afford.

I still feel loyal to the principles of the Conservative Party I used to know but can't help feeling that at a local level, in Kensington and Chelsea, it would be good for residents to have an alternative to Labour and Lib Dem which would act as a restraint on the wilder excesses of the current group.

In read in your august organ that Nigel Farage is proposing to field candidates here in the Borough: not such a bad idea as it won't be a great leap of faith for voters like fact, I will feel that I am helping to send a message to the likes of Sir Merrick Cockell that he can no longer indulge himself at our expense.

Obviously, Ukip needs a 'war chest' in order to field enough candidates. Do you think that we should all be working towards this?

With best wishes and thank you for all your highly productive work.
I would prefer to remain anonymous.

Yours sincerely


  1. If you send me your email address to the Dame she can pass to me. I know a little of what is going on at Ukip

  2. The Dame is not a letterbox, but I am sure the writer can find a way to contact Ukip. Incidentally, this is not the first time the Dame has heard rumblings of this type. I am sure Mr Farage will take Mr Moylan out for dinner if he wins as leader. Nothing will tighten Ukip's grip on K&C than this disruptive force being elected. Have a wonderful weekend, readers.

  3. Dear Dame, you are most kind offering me some time on SS Hornet to recover, but you know I'm very uncomfortable accepting freebies or even sincere generosity. And while I have huge admiration for yourself and would enjoy making your acquaintance, I might not feel quite so relaxed with some of your associates; you are far more broad-minded than me.

    No disrespect intended.


    1. Captain: SS Hornet4 May 2013 at 20:02

      are you suggesting that the Dame and Ludo have invited Rocky and pals on board SS Hornet and that is why you won't take up her offer?
      Outrageous suggestion....I have met the Dame and though of very advanced years she has a sense of decorum......

  4. It is high time for Emma Dent Coad to take over the Leadership of the Labour Group and end the collusion and non-confrontational relationship that their current Leader, Cllr Judith Blakeman, so enjoys with her Tory peers.

    If the Oppostion Party continue to keep silent and do not find a way to get their voice heard there will be no Labour voters left in K and C after the Tories implement their horrific plans for "social cleansing" and the forced removal of the poor from the Royal Borough.

  5. I wish to vote Conservative but am finding it increasingly difficult to do so and the icing on the cake will be if a thug like Daniel Moylan is successful For me it just shows that the Democratic process in RBK&C is not working and needs a complete faceover. What on earth Danile Moylan is doing even being contention is beyond me (especially after the Sloane Square farce); any Tory Councillor who supports Daniel Moylan must be either easily bought or totally daft.


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