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Friday, 10 May 2013


Many of you think the octogenarian Dame is 'unmodern'....
Nothing gets her to the cusp of suicide than listening to her 'fave' Manchester band, New Order and their dirge-like Blue Monday. 

Let's hope that next Monday doesn't give the Dame 'the blues'!

Let's also reflect upon the 'New Order' Nick Paget-Brown will institute this Monday.
Hopefully, it will be a team to ensure a Blue council next May!
On Monday Nick will be announcing his new cabinet and residents and the Dame will be taking a great interest.

The wrong people in the wrong jobs will go down very badly. This year the Council needs to  get cuddly with residents: if they don't next May might deliver some uncomfortable results.... 

Farage is no Mirage


  1. The Dame is watching you Nick! Of course she and her acolytes will give you the customary 100 days to settle in and show residents what you are made of. All of us (except Moylan and Rocky) have high hopes

  2. Will Mr Bore still be boring us in May next year?

  3. This is a momentous time for the residents of K&C and also for Officers in Hornton Street. The first new mindset for fourteen years putting together a new Cabinet to take the Borough forward. Plus the freedom that Myers is also leaving so a chance for the clean sweep.


    1. Kensington Tory10 May 2013 at 16:09

      All those Spanish customs that had become a hallmark of the Cockell/Myers administration need to become something of the past


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