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Saturday, 4 May 2013


The Dame has just received a terrific telephonic b*****g from about to be ex PM Pooter.

Just as her factotum, the disgraced Phelps, arrived with all the newspapers analysing Ukip's success her phone rings... it's a fuming Pooter.
Cussing and blinding Pooter demands to know why the Dame persecuted him over his double jobbing and miserable £130,000 a year allowance, yet ignores the fact that at the other night's hustings Danny 'Boys' refused to say whether he would give up his current £130,000 a year wedge-if elected.
To be fair, Pooter(who did not attend the hustings), has a good point. 
Danny Boys skilfully negotiated around the question as to whether he would give up his other lucrative jobs with Tfl and the GLA-plus other bits and bobs. 
The fact is he won't and the media will attack him fiercely and continuously.
As Boys old friend, boy admiring ex Mayor Phelps said, " You could not make it up: Ukip will have a field day with it"

Whoever said that local government had no's a goldmine!


  1. Why won't Moylan answer a direct question.He loves money and won't give it up

  2. According to the Evening Standard, he will continue with his other jobs, at least in the short term.

    1. Bollocks...he will go on drawing a total of nearly £4,000 a week for as long as possible: it's a national disgrace. He should be forced to give up his other jobs immediately he becomes leader. He is a greedy bugger living off us taxpayers...

  3. Another good example of the way that public office is abused. It is obscene for anybody to earn this type of money; especially someone with Moylan's moderate ability. If he is successful then as far as I am concerned I will never vote Conservative again. A party that is a shadow of its former self and party of chancers.


  4. Surely the disagreable Moylan cannot possibly become Leader. He has made too many enemies.

  5. If anyone out there has any leaning whatever towards Moylan, please also remember that it will be quite impossible to recruit new Councillors if he becomes Leader; it's difficult enough to find decent honest candidates as it is.

    Moylan's reputation 'out there' is hugely problematic... and then there's the 1982 Foreign Office report waiting to hit the press. As we know from recent revelations in the papers, it's never too late to revisit someone's dodgy past.

    NPB may not be the brightest spark, but it will be parties all the way, the man is always happy to crack open the bubbly and certainly knows how to make residents feel welcome.

  6. It will be crazy if K&C has another bout of Cockell double jobbing and triple jobbing. Where is Chairman Mathew Carrington? Why is he not exerting discipline?

  7. Moylan may not be a Saint but he is the best candidate by a long way. K&C needs a mover and a shaker

  8. In every job the man has ever done he has proven to be a liability. Judge from his last job....moved on fast as his colleagues said he was not up to it.
    K&C has had 13 years of lousy leadership....let us not make the same mistake again by appointing a divisive man with huge defects of character.
    His behaviour over Sloane Square;his bullying of those around him shows he is not fit for high office


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