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Monday, 13 May 2013


Boris Johnson says the corrupt bureaucrats and greedy politicos who run Europe are not the sole reasons for our enfeebled economic state. He blames....
  • chronic British short-termism, 
  • inadequate management, 
  • sloth, 
  • low skills, 
  • a culture of easy gratification(Is he 'avin a larf?)
  • underinvestment in both human and physical capital and infrastructure
Glibly he avoids discussing how British industry ever descended into this state...
Let the Dame enlighten him: the prime responsibility lies with successive generations of politicians, of both parties, deciding British manufacturing industry was not worth supporting-hence the removal of effective training and the consequence of low skills.
And perhaps he might to try persuading his hedge fund friends who support him to take the long view.....

His claim British workers are slothful does not bear scrutiny according to stats. 
But his most extraordinary contention was workers( one assumes that is his target) have a culture of easy gratification...
This is what the Mail has to say about easy gratification and our Mayor...
What a damned cheek the man has!

"Affairs, wives left in anguish and how Boris Johnson learned about adultery at his father's knee"

"Only in one area does Boris, 46, still scurry along in his 71-year-old father’s wake. Womanising.
This hardly seems credible does it? After all, isn’t Boris a serial seducer described in Sonia Purnell’s new biography called Just Boris as a man with ‘no moral compass’? Wasn’t he put out of his home ‘like an alley cat’ by his long-suffering second wife Marina a year ago when it emerged that a mistress had produced a daughter with hair just like his?"


  1. The idea of Johnson being some paragon of moral correctitude is just so risible. How dare he....

  2. The recent documentary on Boris's career to date could have left no-one in any doubt as to Boris's intense need for regular instant gratification. Whether it be his mountainous ego or his lower head it all needs gratifying.

  3. There are still productive industries in the UK providing decent jobs, decent training and decent apprenticeships. Sadly they are not as sexy as the financial sector, whose main claim to fame must be its own engorgement at everyone else's expense.

  4. This is the man who pays a quite unqualified Moylan £75,000 a year as a part time aviation adviser.
    And Moylan has so screwed up that he can't persuade anyone of the virtues of his ludicrous airport in the sea.
    If Farage does any sort of deal with the buffoon Boris he will lose all credibility

  5. It has been clear for many years that politicians without any sense of personal morality cannot be trusted with responsibility. It is out of the question that people who behave like Boris Johnson should be given high office. It is of course a Tory scandal that he was put up as Mayor of London.

    1. Judge them by their behavior. The guy is a reptile

  6. No surprise at all that Johnson is such a terrible judge of people. His personal behaviour demonstrates what a flawed person he is

  7. The Tory Party has a Monster in its midst. No one seems interested in pointing this out - all that seems to matter is an ability to "win". Of course it is a downward spiral. Win with people like Johnson and people of honesty and integrity get turned off and do not stand for Office. It is a vicious spiral.


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