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Thursday, 18 May 2017


It may seem unfair to single out black cabs as the main toxifiers of our London streets but the fact is that they are under the control of TfL. 
TfL needs to start taking firm action against irresponsible cab drivers who don't consider Londoners who have to endure the high levels of pollutants that bedevil our streets.
This images show one cab in Cromwell Rd belching out clouds of ugly, black smoke.

The Dame has reported the offender to TfL and suggests that others who see cabs with an emission problem do the same.

Here is the email address

If we sit back and do nothing we have only ourselves to blame for death by diesel.


  1. Three cheers for the Dame....

  2. Taxis, buses and trucks. 90% of the problem. Dirty engines should be banned and replaced with LPG. Simple legislation. Just like cities elsewhere eg Delhi.

    Instead we have a massive taxing exercise getting underway that will penalise old London cars causing hardly any problem at all. This will be a huge replacement burden for overtaxed Londoners.

    It sucks

  3. Dear readers - don't forget that some years ago there was a determined drive to switch to DIESEL. Cabs did. Now, due to change of mind, they are being ostrasized...this is unfair. Let there be a transition period to get rid of these polluting cars


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