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Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Dear Hornets
The Dame's favourite charity is the Family Holiday Association.
During the holiday season, her thoughts turn to the thousands of families who may never afford a simple British seaside holiday. You can read the grim facts here LINK and also the wonderful stories about how a simple Butlins or caravan holiday changes how a hard-pressed family looks at the world.
His first holiday in Skegness
Since 1975, FHA has helped more than 38,000 families affected by bereavement, disability, severe and sudden illness, mental health issues and abuse.

FHA receives no government funding, so none of this would have been possible without the generosity of the donors and fundraisers who support it.

On the 29th April tragedy struck. 
Two of the charity's caravans were damaged by fire and are beyond repair.
Getting the insurance claim will take time so the FHA is desperately seeking funding to make sure no family goes without their planned break.
These families are in desperate need of their simple, life-changing break.
Please join the Dame by donating as much as you can afford. 
Just click HERE  or drop an email to the Dame herself for more information


  1. come on dear blog followers - do a decent deed for today. I and my beloved have decided to forego a dinner at the Belvedere and donate the cost of a nice dinner to this very worthy cause...

    1. THE DAME'S PA17 May 2017 at 16:00

      Thanks, Sad Badger. The excited letters the children write about their holidays brings tears to the eyes. It's a wonderful charity that runs on a shoestring and much supported by the travel industry


  2. Thank you, Dame, for your decency.


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