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Thursday, 18 May 2017


The Dame remembers ohow Pooter Cockell explained his role at the council. He claimed to be the 'Prime Minister' of the Royal Borough!
So, extending the parallel, the Dame is pleased to announce that the 'Chancellor of the Exchequer' The Rt Honourable 
Sir Warwick Lightfoot will be available to answer your questions on how he's spending our money. 

You are free to ask the Chancellor questions but do not annoy him and under no circumstances offer him 'sharpeners' in the pre-meeting 'Drinks'.
The last time he indulged in the Mayor's Parlour this happened LINK 

Mind you, better Sir Warwick than that other old failure, the dancing bore, Sir Vincent Cable.
Please send questions to the Dame for vetting.


  1. "Entrance is free. No need to book".

    Be wary of these words

  2. The Dames Investigator18 May 2017 at 09:58

    This is a minefield and the Tories have been obfuscating for decades to make sure that residents are kept in the dark. There are outcomes that cannot be hidden (eg total subsidies to Holland Park Opera of ca £15 million from Council Tax and £300 million in reserves from over taxing) but apart from these "stick in the eye" excesses, the Chancellor pulls the wool.........

    What we humble residents need is a "Meeting Primer" from a person who understands what has been going on and where the bodies are buried.

    EDC? Can you help? You know the form. A one pager please.....

    1. Delighted to share when I have a minute.

  3. Excellent suggestion - let's hope that Cllr EDC will come with the goodies... should be interesting...:-)

  4. Campden resident18 May 2017 at 16:36

    Residents need to "get serious" with the Cabinet about the way our tax is being diverted from priority items like the elderly and infirm and being used instead for vanity projects.

    We also need assurances from the Finance Director that our spending on Town Hall officers is efficient. Could we do more for less?

    1. Too many Councillors, too much money and not enough to do.

      Result? Chelsea Care, Holland Park Opera, Exhibition Road, etc etc etc

  5. Putting Warrick on a public platform like this is a high risk strategy for the Conservative Party. Piggy needs to make sure that he provides a minder with a large bottle of WATER with strict instructions that only pure WATER is to be consumed.

  6. I wonder what Prof Thomson is up to? A cunning guy.

  7. Hoow much public money has been used to demolish Earls Court?

  8. Will all the candidates - for the Kensington and for the Chelsea and Fulham constituencies - attend this event? That will give us all a good idea of where they all stand on matters affecting our borough's residents.


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