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Monday, 22 May 2017


We need to know what local councillors' thinking is on these controversial plans....

"The representatives from the Kensington Society, the Norland Conservation Society and the Clarendon Cross RA met last week with the massive team from the new owners of the Academy sites (there are 2, the pub and the builder’s yard).

They presented a set of architectural proposals which exploit the development value of the sites at the expense of the pub.  
We have expressed our strong criticism. 
It is obvious that they want to maximise the saleability of the site for flats, without any resident parking rights and care little about the pub and how to make the pub operational, viable and successful. 
They have worked on the assumption it's possible to extend into the garage area owned by Octavia Trust in the old builder’s yard for a extension of the pub via a disabled WC and through the structural wall into an isolated space, eliminate Princedale Road extension which was once the beer garden and was most recently the conservatory, dig massive basements under the pub (head height and space not as presented) and along the Princedale Road side and make the 1st and 2nd floors into separate flats thus grabbing from a pub downstairs - which would of course be totally contrary to the ACV, which NCS and the council went to court for and won.

Please go to the “consultation” and let us have your observations when you have seen the plans on the 24th.  If you cannot go, have a look at the plans and tell them what you think.  They may have over paid for the sites but that does not mean we need to accept what most likely will be the final loss of our pub or, at best, an unworkable one no one wants to go to.  Send you comments to us and we will forward them to RBKC or email directly to the planning line on:


  1. And the beloved Kensington Park Hotel in Ladbroke Grove - also an Asset of Community Value - is closing this coming Saturday (come along for the last night, live music). This has also been bought by property developer - who previously promised to keep it open as a pub.

  2. Went to the last night at the KPH. Just watch it now being converted into a gastro pub, private members' club and boutique hotel on the back of the investments from pensioners. Then it will close down because it is not making enough profit, people will lose their investment and it will get planning permission for change of use into another estate agent or Tesco.


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