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Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Our local police force, under the leadership of Ellie O' Connor, has decided to just pay lip service to resident demands that the overseas drivers of loud and dangerously driven cars be controlled.

The drivers, known as Gulfies, think it great fun to test out their monster machines late at night and in the early mornings. Sometimes the roar of their cars can be heard from over a mile away!
Residents along their favoured race tracks of Sloane and Pont Streets have been given some particularly asinine 'words of advice' by local police.
They have been told to take down the car numbers and report them via 101: not so easy when the plates are in Arabic and the cars miles away..... by the time you get to your window.....

No wonder the local police inspector can say, with great aplomb, "but we have had no complaints"...

Time for the police to get active and do some proactive policing. 
They do have such things as radar guns and exhaust noise monitors.

1 comment:

  1. As usual, the Dame is right. The noise is hell. If a Brit behaved like this they would be off the road double quick


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