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Friday, 27 November 2015


This is a story of filthy, disgusting lucre and for the ignorant, like Cllr Palmer lucre is pronounced luca.......
When the Dame hears of an old soldier being mistreated by a sinister, tax avoiding BVI-based property spiv, her hackles rise.

This is happening to a local, nearly ninety-year-old, Gurkha officer whose remaining years are being made hell by foreign developer louts.

So the Dame warns....'back off'!
She will ensure any solicitor helping these people suffer severe reputational damage'...and that includes the man with the wig.
It does an adviser no good to be seen to helping an unscrupulous foreign client; especially one who has spent years bullying a frail old gentleman: a man whose entire life has been devoted to serving king, queen and country

Mr have been warned...your vaguely more respectable clients won't like the idea of keeping the same company as a 'lucre-driven bully' 
The Dame would have expected these people would relish the honour of helping this ex-soldier- a man who has served us so well-by going out of their way to look after his needs.

The Dame hopes she won't need to pick up the ormolu mounted telephone and demand to speak to young Jonathan Harmsworth. 

But, if forced, she will.....

The Daily Mail loves the Gurkhas and young Jonathan is a good friend of the old Dame.....( she knew his mum)


  1. The company? The solicitors? Tell us dear Dame

    1. By Tuesday, if they have not started to learn to behave like gentlemen all will be revealed. And the Council have been totally inept in helping.

  2. Thank you Sad Badger.
    If these people don't behave then the Dame will up the game and identify those involved. She will then chat to her mates in the media....
    Treating a war hero badly makes good headlines
    Let's hope it won't come to that. If you could circulate the link to any military connections so that they can comment it would be good.

  3. The solicitor is described by one of his mates as a 'good guy'
    What a joke in bad taste.

  4. THE MAN FROM THE EYE28 November 2015 at 12:18

    The firm is mainly used by North London property people. Why should they care about some old soldier....not their style. Money comes first.

  5. do you pronounce lucre luca

  6. This story is a parable for our times and for the rotten borough.

    The worthy person is mistreated by those unworthy to wash his feet. Meanwhile those seeking to defend the one who is worthy are themselves threatened by lawyers.

    In such a case publicity is the best disinfectant.

  7. Naughty to put this here, since the Dame is an internationalist and has been known to holiday on Russian oligarchs' boats, would she kindly ask our MPs of Kensington & Chelsea Victoria Borwick & Greg Hands where they stand on bombing Syria?

  8. The Dame has her own Edwardian steam yacht, The SS Hornet.
    She has no need to accept the hospitality of parvenu's.
    The Dame thinks bombing a waste of money and will achieve nothing.
    She would send in the Gurkhas.

    1. Victoria Borwick votes for bombing Syria. Waste of life & money. We should be asking her to stand down as MP she does not represent the majority of her constituency. Warmonger! Blood on her hands!

  9. It is shameful that these developers and their greedy manipulators aka advisors, are behaving in such a way. There was a time, not too long ago when society respected people who had fought for this country. This man has no doubt faced horrors beyond any of our imaginations and which none of these lily livered bullies could cope with. Where are any of the Councillors to hold these people to account? Surely their role is to support this man. It is time that developers were put in their place, they give absolutely nothing back to our local community, or if they do there is no paper trail of what happens to this money. They appear to have complete control and are not accountable in any way. Well done Dame for outing this horror.

  10. Would the Dame be good enough to inform residents exactly which councillors are supposedly responsible for the care and protection of this particular elderly gentleman.
    His MP should also be named.

  11. Barry Ewing is the office responsible and Victoria Borwick has been driving efforts to help the major.


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