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Saturday, 21 November 2015


Why was the successor chairman of the Local Government Association made a peer and Pooter Cockell not?
This is the great mystery 'de nos jours'.
It's not as if Gary Porter is prettier than Pooter and he certainly needs a haircut. 
Anyway, 'Call me Gary' tells the old Dame that his expenses and allowances, unlike Pooter, were minimal.
The Dame suspects the Hornet did for Pooter and she considers this a badge of honour,


  1. Who is Gary Porter? Looks like a District 6 kind of person

  2. The Dame and her hornets exposed disgraced ex Leader Cllr Pooter Cockle for what he is and the low life paid the price.

    Others should take note.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. It is not often that one has the temerity to contradict the Dame, but she claims too much credit for blocking Cockell's efforts to get to the Lords.
      I made it my business to alert journalists to Cockell's extraordinary expenses and allowances. One hopes this was the reason the man failed tp get to the Lords.

    3. Sadly, the Dame has had to remove a comment at 9:48 as it could have been considered defamatory. Would dear readers remember that the dear old Dame lives in very reduced circumstances and cannot afford big legal fees

    4. The Dame becomes timid in her dotage. I must remind her again that she was one of the first to finger Hanningfield who was plundering his subjects in Essex. Of course he was thrown out of the Council and sent to jail. Hanningfield is one of the dubious Tory appointments to the Lords.

  3. Hats off for the Dame! She continues her magnificent work of shedding light into some of the darkest corners of Hornton Street. She's fully entitled to take the credit for ensuring that Pooter remains a mere knight.

  4. Strange collection of Gary Porters on Google. Footballer, plumber, doctor, pop singer.
    Nothing looking and sounding like the Lord.
    Can the Dame clarify?

    1. He is the leader of some East Anglian council

  5. 13.09 rubs salt in Pooter's already wounded pride. Our thanks sir!


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