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Tuesday, 10 November 2015


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WESTWAY DISTRUST: The Saga Continues:

A large number of residents will attend this much anticipated public meeting hosted by the local Westway23 group. It's an opportunity to meet the Directors & Trustees of the Westway Trust to discuss their future plans. Then last Friday Angela McConville, the Trust's CEO, wrote to the Chair of WW23: "We do not feel comfortable proceeding with the meeting. Alan [Alan Brown the new Trust Chairman] and I have a duty to safeguard the wellbeing of our staff team." 

The Trust's new Director of Skills, Culture and Enterprise is due to start work in December. Meanwhile he's been told not to meet members of the community till after his official induction. A Trustee was contacted by McConville and asked not to liaise with any of the Westway "Directors" without her knowledge. The Trustee has since decided to resign. 

Please note that the public meeting will take place without McConville and her team. Everyone is welcome. 

For more details please see the Hornet's archive.


  1. What about the wellbeing of the community it was created to serve ?

  2. What a surprise . Something to hide Mr Brown and Ms Mcconville or is control a problem

  3. What A Shame the trust and all it stands for wish not to speak to community probably with more community . Then they have ever consulted . In any consultation they have done. In all they regeneration plans. Really a shame to feel threated not nice feeling . Show some truth and attend every westway 23 event has children older people families questions or facing community caring is sharing people do care and stand together but you choose only to meet with 8 to 10 people . Why? Easy for a mix up as what was said and how it's meant ? This is a disgrace to treat the community you serve this way . Yes the real community .not the made up one

  4. Has Alan Brown actually met with any of the community groups or is he just taking the lead from Ms McConville? I thought the job of a trustee was to oversee the dealings and governance etc of the organisation. How can he do that without meeting with all parties or is he just going to take Angela's word on everything? It also shows a complete disregard and lack of respect and distrust of the people they purport to represent - business as usual at the Trust then

  5. Apparently they are now calling themselves directors.There would be no problem if the meeting was to be held in Chelsea. McConville is terrified of being in a room where a significant proportion of her audience is black. It's as simple as that. Alan Brown should take a very long look at who he's chosen to work with.

  6. Greetings All

    I regret to inform you that Angela McConville and her Senior Management Team At WT have broken their word and will not be attending Weds planned meeting with the local community at Tabernacle.

    The reasons given for non-attendance are both ridiculous and slanderous as well as being totally unfounded.

    The reasons given by Westway Trust are:

    “Having spoken at length yesterday with our new Chairman, and my fellow Directors here at the Trust, we have decided that we do not feel comfortable proceeding with the meeting next Wednesday evening, as currently proposed”.

    “We saw this meeting as a valuable opportunity to advance positive dialogue and cooperation with Westway 23. However, we fear the environment will not be conducive to achieving this”.

    “I’m sure you understand that Alan and I have a duty to safeguard the well being of our staff team”.

    When a charitable trust is scared to meet the people it is legally and morally bound to represent, there is obviously something seriously wrong with that body. Their collective decision to renege on their agreement to attend the meeting proves that the ‘trust’ can not be trusted and have no real and genuine intention to engage with, or consult the local community on a fair and equal platform or basis.

    As they have made it painfully clear yet again that their word means nothing, we will no longer continue this dialogue until they publicly apologize for their disrespectful, counter productive and anti-social behavior and agree to attend a public meeting at a place of our choice, and on our terms.

    They seem to have totally forgotten that they are servants of the community and therefore accountable to the community that they represent. We will not meet with them behind closed doors, as we want full transparency and public access for the local community in relation to the 'consultation' on the Portobello Village Development plans and Destination Westway.

    We will be going ahead with the meeting on Weds despite WT’s constant attempts to sabotage our genuine efforts and hide the truth of their own misconduct.

    We urge all of you who intended to come to this meeting to still come and show your solidarity.We have also suggested to Angela and WT that it would be in their best interests to keep their agreement and attend the meeting.

    Up to now they have not responded. Angela’s non-attendance is both disappointing and predictable, but one basic fact still remains with or without her attendance..

    The future of our community is in OUR hands,
    So come and join us in the process of healing and reparatory justice.. ‪#‎reclaimladbrokegrove‬

  7. The meeting is this evening and everyone interested in the future of public assets in the rotten borough is welcome to attend. Angela McConville is scared of the community, but the rest of us will enjoy a good natured debate.At some point the WWT's so called-chief executive must have been told that the best way to ride roughshod over local opinion, is to refuse to engage in open debate. Apparently the disTrust doesn't dare to meet more than a dozen WW23 members at a time.

  8. The Westway Development Trust just keep on digging a deeper and deeper hole for themselves. Is it a tactic or incompetence? See you tonight!

  9. A paucity of argument for her case is more likely the reason for McConville's reluctance to meet the community. This is the same community that Westway Trust peppers its website with. Clearly McConville is motivated by her own incredible arrogance and is happy to malign the community which she purports to serve and encourage. The mask has slipped and her true face has been revealed. She is a liability not an asset and should be removed from her post ... not fit for purpose

  10. If Mcconville goes who needs to follow her .As after all is the monkey not the organ grinder

  11. Dibsdale certainly. And Alan Brown, who should have immediately disassociated himself from McConville's disrespectful behaviour.

  12. What a pity they will not be there to explain their bleakly unimaginative proposals for the 23 acres. And why the refuse to support popular local enterprises like the stables, which the community values and campaigns for. Why plans for unaffordable housing, when there is a housing crisis? Shame on the Westway Trust!

  13. I do hope McConville will take some time to view the video of the meeting -- and apologise for her reprehensible brattish incompetence... which is just laughable.
    Or is she just threatened by the truth .. and granny power. The majority of the audience were well past the first flush of youth...

  14. a friend commented this morning --- it somewhat sums up the Trust's so called 'consultation' -- aka London's best kept secret...
    So glad you told me about the meeting—how do people hear of them normally?? Must be hundreds who would be interested.
    I was APPALLED.
    Thanks for the vino—I left just before the end; busting for a pee….!


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