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Friday, 27 November 2015


The horrible bunch at the Taxpayers Alliance have been once again been attacking senior council officers for being greedy little PIGGIES

It's so unfair. Not a day passes without headhunters like Korn Ferry pestering officers to bring their deep commercial skills to the soft world of the private sector. And for those cynics amongst you who deny any instance of a private sector company wanting to recruit a local government officer the Dame says, 'but pigs one day may fly'.

But there is nothing more exciting that seeing our senior officers up there with the rest of the UK in the troughing stakes. 

K&C has 17 people receiving individually over £100,000 and that doesn't include pension and other perks

11x Receiving 100,000
4x  Receiving 150,000

1x Receiving 200,000 

This must be Mr Holgate....would he have got this at the Treasury? Doubtful.

That is 1.9 million pounds sterling. 

Nearly 2 million pounds!


  1. This is stunning. Are they worth it? Are residents getting value for money? How does this kind of nonsense happen?

  2. And we pay them defined benefit pensions based on their previous earnings too .....

  3. Perplexed: NO to all. How does it happen, because the residents/country allows it to happen...
    anonymous: Indeed.... they just rake it in,,,, but don't forget: Cllr's job is NO longer for life... elections may prove me right

  4. Greetings from sunny Peterborough, Wow it seems that some of our council officers may be better paid than your town hall slaves! Who would believe it have a look for yourself Seasons Greetings to one and all ...

  5. The Dame is enraged to hear this. How dare some provincial officer be paid more than
    our own well bred and well turned out officers. They don't even have a Mayoral Bentley in Peterborough!

  6. I must disagree with you Dame. This Borough has been taken over by ignorant uncaring bureaucrats from Westminster and Hammersmith. Any officers that did care about the Borough, had pride in the work they produced with residents have left. Instead we have a bunch of incompetent uncaring cockroaches whose only mission is to bring down the Royal Borough a peg or three, whilst the Councillors sleep. As for the leader...where is he? Certainly not in control of whats going on.


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