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Wednesday, 11 November 2015


RBK&C is under attack at every level. 
From the deprived north to the affluent south, there is discontent and and anger at the way residents are treated. 

The Council entire modus operandi is best articulated by the ludicrous Mary Weale overheard saying, " we hear: we do not listen".
Weale recently got booted out of her job as an insurance broker. 
Fortunately, the financial shortfall was soon made up with a couple of Cabinet jobs to cushion the Weale household income.

But the old Dame wanders...

In times past councils were frequently dominated by independent councillors. 
They may, by temperament, have been Conservative, but they saw their strength as being directly accountable to residents.

"Change the Councillors ! Get people who will listen to residents and act upon it. The present incumbents are acting like faceless party 'apparatchiks '. Whats the point in holding protest meetings, surveys, petitions, if the ones in charge have already decided what is going to happen - regardless of what constituents think . Wake Up Chelsea !"

The comment above is wisely written, but organising resident friendly candidates to stand at the next election needs leadership.
Chris Lenon is the man who could lead such a change.


  1. Me thinks a borough wide call for all residents to have a pre Christmas protest outside town hall. That sort of thing makes the news! All of us are sick of not being listened to and seeing what has happened to Marlborough school is infuriating, the cherry on the cake of grubbyness from this Rotten council. It really is time for all of us to unite against the council. In China they execute corrupt officials!

    1. The ridiculous Cllr Weale let the cat out of the bag when she was over promoted to be Cabinet Member for Education. The fish was feeling really important and superior during the excitement of the protests against the Council decision to sell the Holland Park School playground.

      Small brain, huge ego, and one of the worst dressed and shambolic women in the Borough.

      And she is lazy and never reads her briefs.

  2. Who is Mr Lenon? What Ward does he belong to? What is his public service record/involvement? What does he stand for?

    1. chairman of nocrossrail and has devoted so much time and energy. He is thoughtful, balanced, considered, well meaning and well serving. This man is Chelsea's hero.

  3. Give the bloke a chance!!
    No idea about his ward but he has driven the No Crossrail 2 campaign with great effect. That's public service for me

    1. terrific......

      lets hear some more please. a few words along the lines of "this is what I think residents want"

  4. Cllr Weale has dedicated her time on the Council to sucking up and trying to find a seat in Parliament. She was mortified when Cllr Borwick was selected for the Kensington seat and has since briefed against Cllr Borwick in the well trodden fashion of "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"


    1. Bitter and twisted fan of the Dame - who is the most twisted of all

  5. Palmer, would you to put an end to those bitter and twisted comments about your Australian telephone calls.....did you make them and did you repay when caught out?

  6. Palmer, would you to put an end to those bitter and twisted comments about your Australian telephone calls.....did you make them and did you repay when caught out?

  7. The next council elections are not until 2018. A long time to wait - and anyway there will be no change. The Tories will get in as per usual.

  8. Therefore, those responsible and sane residents of this Borough should unite and oust or at east reduce the Tory majority, 2018 is NOT that far away... Let's get organised....and that usually costs nothing, but effort and some spare time and diligence...


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