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Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Has this council lost the confidence of  residents? The question may seem rhetorical based on the surge of anger over Crossrail 2 and the illegal demolition of Marlborough Primary School.

Telling falsehoods seems to be endemic at every level and there is no more blatant example than this example sent in by a reader.

Dear Dame
In a report the Council promised  that one of the historic "original" stone decorations would preserved and embedded in the design of the new school to "secure and strengthen" the "communal heritage value". Well, today I videoed them demolishing the exact decoration! More tosh from the rotten borough and their pet architects...

Two videos show the decoration before and after: 



  1. Change the Councillors ! Get people who will listen to residents and act upon it. The present incumbents are acting like faceless party 'apparatchiks '. Whats the point in holding protest meetings, surveys, petitions, if the ones in charge have already decided what is going to happen - regardless of what constituents think . Wake Up Chelsea !

  2. It is very difficult to hold builders to account once they get the bit between their teeth.

  3. So - nothing new here. After the partial demolition of the Old Town Hall at 2am I wrote to Freeman pleading that at least the (at that stage) untouched foundation stone be preserved. He wrote back thanking me for my suggestion and reassuring me that 'it would be treated with the respect it deserved'. Needless to say it was bulldozed with the rest, and the well documented Victorian foundation deposit mysteriously disappeared.

  4. Why do we need to get all stirred up by the Taliban blowing up the Buddhas of Bamiyan, or ISIS' destruction of Palmyra, when we have our own developmentalist RBKC intent on eliminating any trace of architectural heritage in the borough? The vast majority of the elected Councillors are ineffectual, pointless and merely self-absorbed. The rest run the Officers in pursuit of their own and selected Officers' self-interests. We need a massive clearcut on both sides or this gigantic con trick will just continue.

  5. One of the biggest problems is English Heritage, now Historic England, who have obviously been got to or decisison with not only marlborough school but the Odeon and Earls Court Exhibition Centre, both should have been listed and this is one of the major hurdles for developers but they seem to manage and make a public body destroy its own National heritage. Those in English Heritage should be prosecuted for not executing listings and for corruption in public office. very soon we will have very little left.

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