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Saturday, 21 November 2015


Are our councillors mad, bad or just plain stupid?

The question has to be asked. There can be no rational explanation for allowing six massive basement excavations to take place, simultaneously, in a narrow cul de sac off Fulham Road.
Could the fact that Norman Lamont's son, Hilaire, is one of the diggers have anything to do with things? 
Irrationally, Hilaire says he needs a 'vinyl room' whatever the hell that might be.

Even the Daily Mail has decided that such stupidity is front page news. 
This council is descending into farce!
Had one of the members of the planning committee lived in Seymour Walk you can bet the decision would never have been made.

Read about it HERE


  1. I'm very confused, I thought these iceberg basements were stopped and finished with. I seem to remember earlier in the year Cllr Coleridge on the BBC saying that much. Dame, please help, we are all so confused about what the planning department are doing. Quick, fetch the smelling salts!

    1. The Mail is THE Tory paper. Something seriously wrong here.

  2. So Hilaire Lamont wants a vinyl room and RBKC grants planning permission.

  3. 00.48, you are allowed ONE basement per house, though that's enough to make people's lives a misery for a year or two. What's been banned is multiples, like the infamous three-storey basement in Holland Park, for the keen swimmer who wanted a high-diving board. Yes indeed!

  4. Imagine it. The trucks necessary for six simultaneous basement excavations in a narrow cul de sac. It will be hell on earth for years for non-digging residents. The excavation trucks will repeatedly block and hit each and vehicles belonging to others. They will also continually mount the narrow pavement and are bound to hit the front of the houses a few times. Think of the dark winter evenings. Will anyone be knocked down or even killed by the trucks? Old people and children beware. This is a vision of hell on earth indeed! But then Lamont's lad must have his vinyl room.

  5. What you could if you live in the cul de sac is buy a tank and permanently park it in the road so as to interfere with the large trucks, it would send a message. Also with a tank you do not have to pay road tax!


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