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Monday, 16 November 2015


Until the Council implemented a strategy of deliberate degrading Thamesbrook was a much loved local home for residents.
But when you need bucket loads of money to sponsor things like the Nour Festival(the other funders are the Qatari's whose other funding interest is in sponsoring terrorism)
So, in order to get rid of the old and vulnerable, subterfuge had to be engaged in. We were told that legionella was the problem. This is what the Dame's expert had to say about that rubbish....

Finally the legionella lie as it should be known was invented. Legionella in drinking water?? Did they not do their research properly? It only occurs in stored water and any drinking supply is mains fed. Even it it is in stored water it is only a hazard in vapour in for example a shower as any hotel manager will tell you. If the shower is used regularly and the system cleaned it is not a hazard at all. 

We were told that the residents had to be temporarily moved out.
You can read what the Dame wrote HERE

The truth will always out and so we now know that the only intention was to flog off the site...

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  1. It just keeps coming.

    This Council is disconnected from public opinion. Who do they think that they are representing??

    1. My Mate The Builder16 November 2015 at 12:32

      Its great fro me and my mates. Keeps the family fed in Warsaw

    2. Muppet, they know who they are representing. Those with money. They could not give a dam about people being turned out of their homes and communities being ripped apart. In the days of Maggie Thatcher, Joan Hanham then Leader of the Council was proud that RBKC Tories were different and she made sure that the Council remained paternalistic and caring.

  2. Read the Knight Frank blurb. This is a huge money making opportunity. And all of it at the discretion of the planners.

    I see another holiday home on the horizon for certain Hornton Street types

  3. This Tory Council cares about one thing and one thing only, MONEY. It is as though nothing matters except making money. Demolish good buildings, good housing, on false prospectuses so that the great and the good from any corner of the World can make money under the guise of investment.

  4. This is a joke -

  5. MONEY for themselves.... the Cllrs, rake it in, regardless of any public considerations, as long as they can....Cllr job is NO longer for LIFE, as some have discovered...


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