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Thursday, 19 June 2014


In the last few weeks there has been a torrent of comment-press and elsewhere, over the mess created by the new transportation arrangements for vulnerable children.
Fortunately, Judith Blakeman has been assiduous in challenging H&F officers constantly trying to pull the wool over councillors' eyes.
And to be fair to Cllr E. Campbell she has been wholehearted in meeting the parents of all children affected.

However, it's difficult to see how useful Cllr David Lindsay has been in getting stuck in to sort out the mess. 
Lindsay is chairman of the  Family and Children's Services Scrutiny Committee yet has been conspicuously NOT the 'Muscular Christian' that people claim he is: in fact, he has been a pathetic church mouse...

This is one of the most vital of committees. 
If David Lindsay is too timid to do the job required of him he should move aside and let someone with guts take charge.


  1. As usual the Dame speaks sense. Lindsay always falls into line when under pressure.

    1. Cllr Lindsay fluffed it again. The list is already long

  2. David Lindsay is the typical management headache. The sort of person who seems qualified: intelligent, concerned and fair minded. In other words, the sort of person that the system wants to promote. But put in position and something terrible happens. He freezes. Cant act. Cant speak. Cant grimace. He just becomes a waste of space and effort. Time for Cllr Paget-Brown to pull stumps.

    1. Lindsay is not a politician. He has no instinct for what is important to the electorate and when to take a high profile. He is as confused about his current position as those around him. He is an accident.

  3. Many of us had high hopes for Cllr David Lindsay but they came to nothing. A regular guy who failed to follow through with the opportunities given to him. No troughing, no ego, no puffing. Unfortunately, nothing else either. Damp squibs always disappoint

  4. Not much support or enthusiasm for Lindsay it seems. Straight but dull. Very dull.

  5. All Councillors will be judged by what they now DO about this transport issue, it's ongoing, treating vulnerable children and their parents in the most disgraceful way. Any action these councillors take should include the officers who are responsible for it. All fine to meet parents but what are the results.

  6. Fly On The Wall20 June 2014 at 08:59

    Unlike Emma Dent-Coad, Cllr Lindsay understands how limited the powers of a Committee Chairman are in K&C. He is a realist and is biding his time. He will fire his shot at the appropriate time. He remembers very well the time when he dared to criticise the conduct of the approval process for the Holland Park School project. He was a Chairman then as well but was obliterated at a public meeting by Cllr Moylan at his most acerbic. The Toad Cllr Cockell sat and gloated while all of this was going on before adding his own sarcastic put down.

  7. Elizabeth Campbell only went to meet the parents many weeks after the worst of the events complained of. And then she was shamed into going because Blakeman had met them weeks earlier. She is completely out of her depth on this and is a prisoner of H+F officers who are just telling her lies about the scandalous service that is being provided.


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