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Monday, 9 June 2014


Bendixon: Chelsea Society planning guru

We Chelsea residents are fortunate to have the powerful Chelsea Society checking and balancing the Council Planning Dept.

The Chelsea Society plans a public meeting THE ROYALS DEBATE about the future of the Royal Marsden and Royal Brompton hospitals in the autumn.
In the meantime, it may be useful to ask some questions.
  • Should sales of land by the Brompton be limited to what is needed to enable it to rebuild in Chelsea? Would that reduce the loss of buildings with ‘community’ uses?
  • Could private fund raising in Chelsea and beyond help solve the financing problem without recourse to selling hospital buildings?
  • Might it be best to combine the two hospitals, expand their work in cancer treatment and research and cut inefficient duplication? Both already treat cancer so this would be an administrative not a medical change?
  • Should the Borough Council refuse large-scale change of use of hospital and community buildings to upmarket houses and flats?

It's suggested that members wishing to discuss this further get in touch with Terence Bendixson or a member of the planning committee.

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