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Friday, 13 June 2014


'A week is a long time in politics'....
The boring old cliche beloved of boring little political anoraks, is never truer than in the dankly depressing little world of local government  'minipolitics'.
Stanley Ward voters sent a short, sharp message to the Conservative group b​y handing nearly 1500 votes to the local Independent candidates.
There was a mixture of fury and breast beating on the part of the Conservative Group.

Fatuous little 'Squeaky' Warwick Flatfoot(in his Wilki entry he describes himself as a 'British Politician'! Hilarious) berated Ian Henderson, whilst decent Nick Paget-Brown said there would be no collusion between councillors and developers.

The other evening 'property developers' Affinity Sutton, held a meeting with Sutton Estate residents to try to con them in to believing that smashing the estate to pieces was a good idea!
Barshall, a local mover and shaker attended and was met with a barrage of hostility from the Affinity Sutton team who then tried to isolate him from the residents!
How did they know who he was? It seems one of the councillors had taken the trouble to provide them with a photograph of Barshall!

And an email from Independent candidate and campaigner, Barshall to Cllrs Paget-Brown, Pascall as well as Richard Blakeway and Kit Malthouse at the GLA is leaked to Affinity Sutton!
Affinity Sutton's Rachel Underwood, responsible for the demolition had been fully briefed up on Barshall and his email.

So who leaked the email? Probably, the two faced Pascall.


  1. Well, well, well - Conservative Councillors, let down their voters again . Theres a General Election next year !

  2. Made in Chelsea13 June 2014 at 14:47

    Dear Chelsea Indies, you are entering a very dark world indeed where profits for the winners are obscenely high and irresistible to these reptiles. Be very very careful. They are masters of all the dark arts and would gladly sell their grannies - or yours - for profit without a moment's hesitation or hint of conscience.

    They will cloak their intentions with charm, statistics, projected guilt, and needless to say, lies, in short, anything they think will work. Good luck.

  3. As a supporter of the Conservative party since I could vote, I find it difficult to believe that a Councillor of ours could ever do something so dishonest. I am sure that Nick Paget-Brown will launch an investigation, to show that he is in charge, and If one of our councillors is found to have done this, then they should be fired immediately.

  4. I cannot understand where the idea that Paget Brown is one of the good guys, came from. He invariably talks a good talk, but has yet to walk the walk.

  5. The Dame is incredibly well informed as usual. Were you there in disguise?

  6. I said before, they will appear nice just until they are re-elected and then the gloves are off. Sutton residents are of no interest to them. They want rid of them


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