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Tuesday, 24 June 2014


For the last few months Pooter Cockell has been carefully counting the pennies in his purse: absolutely vital in view of the dramatic drop in his allowances from the poor old taxpayer.
But it seems that a rather controversial lobbying operation has taken pity on Pooter and given him a job as chairman.

Pooter can thank failed ex Communities minister, Bob Neil for the job. 
Bob has already got his feet under the table at Cratus and wants to get a few of his mates in......

The Dame warns Cratus about Pooter's desire for the high life and suggests they will keep a sharp eye on his monthly expenses.
And absolutely don't allow him to buy a Bentley!


  1. Can one of the Dame's erudite correspondents please inform us of the meaning of the word "Cratus." It sounds like crater - a type of bottomless pit.

    1. Whatever the ridiculous word means, it is sobering to read the comments from clients on the blog that is linked above. Clearly there is a substantial body of opinion that considers CRATUS a basket case

    2. CRATUS literally translates as "to shit all over you"

  2. Grubby little people like Pooter always end up in grubby little corners. CRATUS clients have been warned.

  3. Retired Chief Exeutive24 June 2014 at 13:00

    This sounds like £30k per year plus an expense account and commission on business that is introduced by Cllr Cockell. He will be working overtime on his local Government contacts to try and earn commission but he will find that being a serving Councillor (in Kensington and chelsea) does not sit well with being a "rain maker". The skills, behaviours and attitudes are different.

  4. CRATUS will need a crack team of expense account staff to monitor the chits from the new Chairman. Unlike K&C this is a small company that could easily go broke - unlike the bottomless pit of taxpayer funded jollies in local Government

    1. Friend of Rock24 June 2014 at 13:06

      Cracking stuff

  5. His experience of working closely with developers to push their plans through council will be invaluable to his new employer. He now no longer needs to hide his connections with his developer and overseas investor friends.
    Well done Colonel. All that toadying finally paid off.

  6. Does this man have no shame at all? It is beyond belief that residents do not see through his false smiles.


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