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Tuesday, 17 June 2014


For many years Sir Merrick Cockell survived in great style at the expense of the taxpayer.
In his LGA biog entry he tries to insinuate that he gave up the helm of an 'international trading conglomerate' to 'devote himself to public service'(his weasly words).
The truth is very different....
His 'international trading conglomerate' was, in reality, a two man affair operating out of a dank basement rented in the Conservative Association's Chelsea Manor St office.

His company, Abingdon Cockell, ceased to trade many years and never seemed to have made anything in the way of profits.

Cockell, like his friend, Daniel Moylan, was one of the first of the local government entrepreneurs to see there was a good income to be had as a councillor. 
Daniel, however,being clever, did give up a lucrative City job.

For years Cockell's allowances topped £100,000, but the gravy train is about to run into the buffers.

In July, his £55,000 a year tenure as chairman of the Local Government Association ends and his income reduces to just a £11,500 councillors allowance.

Let's hope that £44,000 a year peerage comes soon otherwise it could be a bit like below. 
Or maybe Sir Del Myers can fix him up with something on an old pals basis?


  1. So sad. How are the mighty fallen?

  2. May he sink without trace


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