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Monday, 9 June 2014


When Tfl asked residents where the new Crossrail station should go 75% said it should be sited at the far end of Kings Road, near the Cremorne Estate.

There is now a very distinct possibility TfL will ignore this overwhelming weight of local opinion and decide the Borough will have no station at all. 
If they do it will deprive residents in the extreme of the Borough with all the exciting opportunities this transport link opens up.
Reading between the lines it seems TfL are working towards the idea of abandoning any Crossrail station....whether sited at Dovehouse St or Cremorne.
Now is the moment for residents to make a real noise and push TfL for our Crossrail station.
Here are the details. 
If your eyes are as feeble as the old Dame just click on the image to see where to go make your voice heard.


  1. Where did the figure of 75% come from?

    The report states that 181 people responded to the initial consultation from Kensington and Chelsea (notably one of the lowest response rates in London). It also states that "the location of the King's Road, Chelsea station was not favoured, with suggestions to move it further south and west". No mention appears to be made of the number of people expressing that view.

    1. Too late. Too much noise. These things need to be "fixed" before they go public. Consultations are a waste of time. Not a single person listens. They are carried out because the law says they should be carried out and persons like Mr Bore tick a box

    2. "We agreed to consult but not to listen". The immortal words of Cllr Mary Weale.

      What a dustbin that woman is.

    3. Sounds like this comment comes from a Cremorne Estate resident who does not want to see part of the Cremorne Estate demolished for the new station. Alternatively, it might come from a Labour Party Councillor who sees Council tenants as part of Labour's empire. With all new infrastructure developments, there is always a certain amount of "Not In My Backyard" underpinning the objections.

  2. This is a lost cause. Sir Cockle fouled up the process by dabbling. Now it is dust.

  3. What did Cockle-Doo!?


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