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Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Conveniently, just when the local elections are over, grasping Affinity Sutton get down to their plan of tearing down the heritage of a great Londoner William Sutton. 
And where are Cllrs Cockell, Warrick and Pascall who professed such concern? 
They couldn't even be bothered to attend an important protest meeting.
The Dame, who knows about these things, says Affinity Sutton have bought on board a 'persuasion company' going by the name of Meeting Place Communications . 
This company specialises in bullshitting(Dame, rather vulgar language, don't you think? Ludo)in lulling the targets of its nonsense into a fall sense of security. 
Avoid their greasy charms, residents of Sutton.

William Sutton was a Cheapside born Londoner. 
His Victorian work ethic allowed him to rise from humble beginnings and create a vast door to door delivery service; it was the first of its kind. 
Upon his death he left his £1.5 million fortune( in terms of today just under £1billion) to create housing for those poor of London needing comfortable, low cost housing.

God knows what he would think of Affinity Sutton and its plans to bastardise his great work of human kindness.

Sutton Buildings are famous: not just in the UK, but worldwide.
A professor of English History at Brown University wrote  this about Sutton. It's a 'must read'

Today Ground Investigation Works begin on The Sutton Estate.....

100 year old residents are being terrified by the noise of the drills in The Sheltered Housing Garden.
One asked The Dame, "is this really how a social affordable housing provider should treat us?"
Another, who had lived though the Blitz and action overseas said that it was like being under attack from the Luftwaffe.

 Another said......
"we planned an event on the Estate to celebrate
the regeneration of the Sunken Garden and to tip our hats to those who sacrificed their lives in WW1 so we could enjoy our peaceful garden. Instead we have noise levels more like the Battle of the Somme."

The other noise the Dame hears is that certain key movers and shakers on Sutton are planning to get UKIP involved.....


  1. Another housing association that has quite simply lost its way. But that's obviously not the case at all as "housing professionals" are at the helm, even if they are largely unemployable anywhere else.

  2. I suspect that like the closure of Thamesbrook which is now permanent as the residents have moved out and of course are 'settled' in their new homes or so Stella Baillie would lie along with all the other ones about legionnaires in the drinking water (why wasn't the Royal Brompton closed too as it's the same supply and of course legionnaires is only dangerous in shower water as vapour) so it would be wrong to move them again.

    It will all pass over and the majority of people who it does not affect will not really give a damn as the council amasses more and more money. Of course they probably need it to buy out the tri-borough mess now that h&f are not playing any more.

  3. The bubble has burst. Tonight's Evening Standard quotes the Nationwide. Last week the prices of 44% of the houses sold in central London were reduced, some by a great deal. Foxton's chief executive has stepped down. It's time for thousands more truly affordable homes for Londoners - like those on the Sutton Estate.

  4. This will be a temporary thing. In prime areas, like Knightsbridge, prices will be held up by filthy offshore money

  5. These Affinity Sutton directors have forgotten who they are meant to be serving. Not their bonuses and overseas money, but the residents. If they can't afford the upkeep of the Sutton Estate, hand it over to the residents as a Co-op.

  6. I think you may be a little premature in your attack on Cllrs. Cockell, Warwick and Pascal. Cllr Pascal said at the election that they had heard what we had said and would be from now on in much more contact with the residents of the ward and concerned with the interests of the locals. We should take him at his word, and judge him by his actions.

  7. Decades of experience in K & C has provided certain insights. Whenever RBKC tory councillors open their mouths, they lie. They build political careers on their ability to lie. Those unable to master this accomplishment with straight faces step down.

  8. Lots of concern. Endless 'consultation'. No doubt 'independent tenant advisors' wriggling up to people in power i.e not the tenants they're paid to advise. It will come to nothing. Elderly and vulnerable people will be forced to move. Some will die. Buy-to-let launderers will be welcomed. Another community will be wrecked.

    Let's call 'redevelopment' what it is: money-grabbing demolition. And lets revert to 'developers' pre-PC, more accurate name: 'speculators.' Nothing has been learned from Wornington.


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