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Monday, 23 June 2014


OLD BOY says.....

"Following on from the local elections and Labours win in H&F, it will be interesting to see whether the good old RBKC will continue to bail out our friends across the border. 

There’s already suggestions of H&F merging with Camden and Islington.
RBKC have been subsidising H&F staff costs with so called bi-borough managers, the vast majority being from H&F. 
From first hand experience all that happens is that RBKC staff continue to manage themselves while H&F staff work on their own borough's business....all in the hope of keeping H&F a Tory borough. 
Maybe this was how H&F kept on dropping it’s council tax, advertising on every street column how wonderful they were.
If you look across the board, most of the senior bi borough positions are held by H&F staff. 
Do you think they will allow negative feedback to the councillors of RBKC. Not a chance. 
And I don’t think the councillors of RBKC are bright enough to work it out for themselves."


  1. One disabled child was taken seriously ill on a journey to school and the bus transporting it had to be diverted to hospital. H+F staff are covering this up, claiming that it was a "scheduled" visit to hospital. Staff have been warned on pain of sacking not to tell RBKC councillors the truth. the fact is that there was a scheduled visit to a hospital, which the transport service failed to honour until pressed by a parent - and this is the visit H+F officers are reporting.

  2. K&C officers risk the sack if they tell K&C councillors what's really going on. So not only backbench councillors, but the relevant cabinet members are kept in the dark about issues in their own departments. Bi borough with H & F is just a racket.

    Let's hope H & F Labour unwinds it before it's too late.

  3. RBKC staff continue to bail out H&F. The subsidy of H&F was highlighted when Mr Crowley (now Bi-Borough Head of Licensing) had to get RBKC staff to unpick and recover the massive outstanding debts that H&F had let mount up in unpaid fees. There is one senior manager left in RBKC's EH department with the other 3 - including the Director coming from H&F.

  4. They continue to bury information about this transport contract, it's a disgrace.


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